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  1. Jolts

    Some help with the final three keyblades and avatar stuff

    Are the Keyblades you're talking about are Zero/One, Metal Chocobo and Ultima? Zero/One is obtained by playing through the story, Metal Chocobo is in a rare prize Blox on one of the last floors of Olympus Colosseum before Ice Titan (you need to replay the episode), and I am fairly certain that...
  2. Jolts

    Help/Support ► So, a little problem with my finger.

    Something similar happened to me when I was seven. I had my right pinky crushed by a door and even now it's shorter and differently shaped than my left one. What you described with the part you cut going slightly inwards has also happened to me after I cut one of my fingers with an X-acto knife...
  3. Jolts

    Help/Support ► Fatherhood

    Congratulations man. Raise him the best you can, and best wishes for the future.
  4. Jolts

    Help/Support ► Fatherhood

    Can't believe I missed this. It's a little late, but good luck man. Things might be tough for you but I know that you'll do the best you can.
  5. Jolts

    Help/Support ► The 'Make-You-Feel-Better' Thread

    Re: The Automatic Flatterer Nice! Now I don't need friends!
  6. Jolts

    Theory of the Sentiments

    This is a very well thought out theory, but I think I see a small problem with part of it. Even if Riku had changed because of Vanitas entering his heart, Kairi wouldn't have known about that because she didn't arrive at DI until a while after the events of BBS while this probably happened right...
  7. Jolts

    Did anyone else think that Xemnas was the most boring boss in the whole series?

    I enjoyed it for the most part the first time around, but the reflect part made me tear my hair out when I couldn't figure out why the reaction command wasn't working.
  8. Jolts

    Been bugging me for a while....

    It's an interesting theory to read, but I dislike how many loose threads it creates when there are enough to go around already.
  9. Jolts

    Random Analysis

    He pretty much has been since CoM, seeing as how needlessly complicated the story has gotten.
  10. Jolts

    Been bugging me for a while....

    Even since KH1, we've seen Ansem SoD use a guardian heartless to fight. It had always been bugging me what it was, but heartless being everywhere in that game he could have just been controlling a powerful one. Then in BBS in the Final Episode we see Terranort using that same guardian heartless...
  11. Jolts

    Random Analysis

    Even though it doesn't really apply to Roxas anymore, hasn't it still been pretty much accepted that the nobody of a wielder can use a keyblade? Besides, the interview said that Xemnas might have just not chosen to use one which pretty much guarantees that that's the case.
  12. Jolts

    Nomura'd like to work on a TWEWY sequel.

    For real? YES!!!!!! This is going to be awesome!
  13. Jolts

    Help/Support ► Please Help....

    Why the hell not? What's so life-devouringly depressing that you can't even look yourself in the mirror? It's pathetic, and I know that because I've felt the exact same way at times. I won't say that I've gotten out of it either, all I've been able to do is just endure what I can and attempt to...
  14. Jolts

    Help/Support ► In need of computer help, please

    Have you checked your speakers? I'm not sure what kind of setup you have, but that should probably be the first thing to look at for this kind of problem.
  15. Jolts


    Riku was originally chosen by the keyblade, but Sora got it instead. He was chosen later on in his journey though.
  16. Jolts

    what is your least favorite heartless?

    Anything that you can't attack from the front.
  17. Jolts

    Re: Coded Confirmed - New Images

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Recoded (CONFIRMED FOR NDS) NDS is my favorite handheld console, I'm really glad that it's coming out for it.
  18. Jolts

    SPARKLE SPARKLE! (Just a question about Xion's death)

    Maybe its just like how the organization members died. When each one was defeated they disappeared into their element (Axel bursting into flames, Demyx turning into bubbles etc.) and since Xion's element was light her disappearance was all light and sparkly while Repliku faded into darkness.
  19. Jolts

    Question about the end of Days. *Spoilers? I guess?*

    The reason that Diz needed Roxas was because Sora's memory restoration wasn't making any progress. Sora may have seemed fine in CoM, but he did loose his memories, which was what Diz was trying to deal with. Xion had Riku stop him because she believed that he wasn't strong enough to take out...
  20. Jolts

    Can it handle it?

    The heartless and character models would definitely work on the DS, though the backgrounds and menus might need to be changed a bit.