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    KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [DEADLINE JAN 9TH] Is there any render version of the Birth by Sleep logo available, or do we have to cut the white out by ourselves?
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    If you can improve KH2 what will you do?

    Include more places for Nobody Hunting.
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    complete list of heartless, nobody, and anything else

    Saix - Ice Titan. Just didn't mention him yet.
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    Fanfiction ► Betwixt + Between

    I've began reading this story on your FF account, but I'm glad I found it over here. I love the flow of the plot and Rena iz just cute! Surprisingly I love Raynie's attitude and I'm glad Adyn spoke up a bit. :thumbsup:
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    How far are you in the game?

    Well, zero cards are much more valuable than sleights. But doesn't Hook have a special ability about zero cards?
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    How far are you in the game?

    Level 52. Beaten Destiny Islands and got owned by a surprise attack by Riku Replica. Hook was pretty hard while trying to run around a swaying pirate ship; he broke like every sleight I had. I finally beat him after ~20 times.
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    Fanfiction ► Organization XV: Days In The Life

    Ah! I can't see how else can Zero Inferno be disgraced. This better be good.
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    Fanfiction ► Organization XV: Days In The Life

    Oh god. Now I fear beer. Great job Cino-chan! And yes, we'll still shower you with our compliments.
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    Help/Support ► Help?

    Do extra problems in the textbook. And yes, you can study for math, unlike what others say. For science, concentrate on the powerpoints since it's more likely that the info there will be used on the test and you understand the basic outline. After that, you can study in depth into the textbook.
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    Fanfiction ► Remember me Not (Riku/Namine, SoRiNami)

    THE essay. It's a good 'educational' read.
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    Fanfiction ► Remember me Not (Riku/Namine, SoRiNami)

    Amazing. It touched my heart and my obssesion with Kingdom Hearts. Kudos to you. Oh, and this is the 3rd time I've been reading your essay over ^_^ I'll find those flaws soon enough, lol.
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    1) Twister 2) Long Dream 3) Calling 4) Amnesia
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Soul Edge

    Nice chapter length. It was satisfying.
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    358/2 Days Famitsu Scan Translated

    Sounds like Shia in Pita-Ten... Anyway, thanks for the translation! I'm interested of the connection between Namine and Shion.
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    why is Aqua so cool

    - Blue hair- it's IN today. You got to admit it's awesome - Okay, I might be killed today, but I don't think Kairi's that bad. Sure, she's last on my list, but she was awesome in Dead Fantasy 2. - NOBODY SAYS ANYTHING BAD ABOUT NAMINE. OR ELSE. AHEM Back to Aqua: - I hope she doesn't let us...
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    Fanfiction ► Obsession - Sora x Naminé

    The ending was awesome. Sora's dad is LEON??! Love your story. And it will be more fun when Roxas joins in!
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    Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

    I think it was already said, but Riku thought Xion's keyblade is a fake because it was the Kingdom Key, if the translation is true, and Sora's true keyblade is the Kingdom Key as well.
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    Everything We Know About Unbirths So Far

    But how would a heart be devoured by light? A heart is immediately taken to the darkness, according to the heartless. but, this is before the heartless itself... Gahh, I am thinking of Star Wars now. -facepalm-
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    Possible flavs of BBS?

    ...Really? You're a lifesaver. Did it really say that in the manual? I'm just looking forward to the Shot Lock. It looks interesting from the pictures.
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    Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

    Re: Xion, my thoughts of her/him Nice job, Roxas XD. becoming premmie. Uhh, I doubt Aqua would even know Kairi. Would she? If not, then I doubt she would cast off her body and soul for someone she doesn't know. But nice coloring to the picture, Yannis.