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    Help/Support ► Death is knocking on my door

    To kill yourself? It's not like you are trying to cure anything, so my guess would be every colour of rainbow and shitloads. And to that note, no one will symphatise with someone who killed himself. This is not a very productive way of making people miss you.
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    Mitä perkelettä? Onko paikka edelleen ihan samaa settiä?

    HEY HO, LET'S GO! Can't get that shit out of my head. Fucking annoying I might add. So sup? Haven't been here in a while. Still about games 'n shit? Also, my time in the army is soon over. Thank Jeebus.
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    Help/Support ► STD testing

    Yes they do. About the average of symptoms varies from 50-70%, so if I don't have any symptoms, that means I have 50-70% chance of not having anything. Now I've only had sex with one person without a condom and that raises my chances. She was quite young (the same age than me) so even her sexual...
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    Help/Support ► STD testing

    Jealous much? I'm getting my dick stuffed with a spike that's as big as a mexican burito. Also, would this work as a pickup line? "Hai, I just had an STD test." <-- shows the ladies that I CARE enough to not make them sick.
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    Help/Support ► STD testing

    Not even thinking of not taking it. I'm sure I will, but what I find intriguing is the amount of emotions I'm showing and not prepairing myself for them. And what I don't like about this is that I've been able to rationalize this all to myself, and yet I feel these. This means I don't have...
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    Help/Support ► STD testing

    In less than 8 hours I should go take an STD test as a precaution. At first I was really quite ok with this, but as the situation gets closer, I noticed myself getting more nervous about it. As I'm quite sure I'm clean (I've had no symptoms) this was a surprising turn of emotions. Am I afraid of...
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    Hawt cybering inside

    That got me all hot.
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    Blacksad the movie

    "Variety is reporting that a director has been attached to a French production of the popular French comic Blacksad. If you've ever read Blacksad (three volumes have been translated into English), this is very welcome news. If you haven't, picture a Disney-animated adaptation of your favorite...
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    Help/Support ► Insecurity Issues

    Just turn that shit in to narsism. "It's not that I can't, it's just that I don't want to."
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    Help/Support ► So I'm Really Trying To Figure This Out

    No. This Alyssa is clearly an idiot. Of course they are going to have sex and she doesn't have any saying in that matter.
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    Help/Support ► Burns

    First you put strawberries around your fingers, then you dip them in ice cream and then you dance around wearing nothing but a skirt. It helps. Seriously, just take some painkillers and don't poke them. Why are everyone giving food advices?
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    Help/Support ► How should I ask the girl I like to prom?

    You seriously do this crap over there? Cakes? A fucking teddybear that talks? Thank you!
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    Garfield, you silly cat!

    I honestly grew up reading Garfield. I think it made me a better person.
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    What the fuck did you do to my chat?

    "We've moved. What the fuck are you still doing here?" Shhhhhitstick.
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    Tässä on haastattelu ihailemastamme henkilöstä [Sam - 3/18/09]

    Either you love him or you hate him. And you if hate him, you secretly want him. This is Sam. Rabbe: Why hello there Sam. Sam: Hey there, compadre. Rabbe: As you must know by now, you are one of the people we'd love to see answer few questions about yourself. Sam: I'm also probably one of...
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    Smile and they think you understand.

    :angry: :confused: :cool: :cry: :eek: :wink: :dizzy: :love: :lol: :embarassed: Don't you just hate those little fuckers? Also, I'm cute. True story.
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    history is so cool

    From the year 1640 till the year 1655 Philadelphia was known as FINLAND! That's right bitches. You are ours.
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    Help/Support ► a not-so big problem

    Re: (updated) a problem that might need help from those with alot of expirience To him you are probably going to be his mom. This is something for you to get used to. At first I was thinking "fucking hell, another stupid thread about how bad someones life is going to be", but this didn't...
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    Help/Support ► Need help, topic is a wonderful girl <3

    So? Take a few hits. It's love, isn't it? [/sarcasm]
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    Help/Support ► So

    No don't do it! We need to stop this killing now! Think of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.! They wouldn't want you doin' it! Ken is in a better place now. He is pumping iron and doing math with the guy upstairs. I hate myself... I told Ken he is my second favorite asian... Although he is my...