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  1. aswaxsora


    Hey guys! If anyone remembers me... *laughs* I think I'll be back for a while. KH in my life has been a little quiet and I do miss you guys. After all, I gave me soul when I joined. It's good to be back.
  2. aswaxsora

    Screw You...in the face.

    Well, I've had a great run with you guys, but I have to leave. I wouldn't leave if someone would help me, but no one cared. So I'm going to leave. I might post here and there, but I won't be back for a while (since I sold my soul to this place). I do actually think about you guys IRL, so I still...
  3. aswaxsora

    Forum Problems

    Okay, so I've subscribed to a lot threads and it's on Instant for email. After a while they stopped appearing in my Inbox. So I go to most of the threads thinking they'll start appearing again. They don't. I've been doing this many times but still nothing happens. Help?
  4. aswaxsora

    I Forgot My Birthday!

    WOOT! I forgot to tell you guys my birthday was on the 6th. I didn't forget because I got some presents, unlike last year. So yeah, Happy Bleated Birthday to me.
  5. aswaxsora

    Fanfiction ► Roxas' Journal: In Search of Sora

    Okay, this is for the first chapter. Roxas isn't sounding like himself. He's sounding much old and smarter. Also, I can't tell where what chapter is where. Can you center them? There are only three districts in Traverse Town. Not four. Wait. How would Roxas know where CId lives unless Cid...
  6. aswaxsora

    Fanfiction ► Coffee and Lime/Black and Gold

    Well, I'm glad it now makes sense to you.
  7. aswaxsora

    Fanfiction ► Coffee and Lime/Black and Gold

    Same thing! Anagram here: Well, if I rewrote it, it might so more sense to you. [/SIZE] Make sense now? Any questions?
  8. aswaxsora

    *Stretch* Don't shoot.

    Hi. I don't know if this is in the right spot because I've never been down here. ...I made it seem like this was a layer of Hell. Moving on... I need help finding what this song is. I've asked the person who made it (she never replied), I've soundhound-ed and shazm-ed it and it gave me nothing...
  9. aswaxsora

    Fanfiction ► Coffee and Lime/Black and Gold

    Nope. It was a prego testy thingy.
  10. aswaxsora

    Fanfiction ► Coffee and Lime/Black and Gold

    Yep. That's the only reason why I kept saying 'he/she'. Nope. Try again. ;)
  11. aswaxsora

    Fanfiction ► Coffee and Lime/Black and Gold

    Well, what confused you. I'll explain after that.
  12. aswaxsora

    Ansem the Wise Fanclub

    The man who lock Roxas in a virtual world to complete his revenge. The man with the epic voice. The man who was sorry for Riku for being a victim for his revenge. This is for you. Welcome to the Ansem the Wise Fanclub! Leaders: AswaxSora Members: Lord betrayus Sign First member Reasons...
  13. aswaxsora

    Fanfiction ► Coffee and Lime/Black and Gold

    Well, first tell me why it was 'okay'. A) I've tried a new writing style, so I guess that's why. I won't give you any hints or answers 'til you read it.
  14. aswaxsora

    Oh, deary. Why me?

    Hello to the people who know me. If ya don't, you can leave. If you still wanna stay, that's fine. Anyway, I wanna say that I'm sorry I haven't been around. I'm doing an Aladdin play and today (3 November 2010) I got new glasses. They're kinda messed up though. ANYWAY! I just want to say that...
  15. aswaxsora

    Fanfiction ► Coffee and Lime/Black and Gold

    Hello to those rare people who will read this. I thank you for taking your time to read this, it means a lot to me. Sigh, my Namitas went crazy again. Also, that is my pairing. Don't let anyone tell you different. I put two titles because I liked them both. Here it is: (A/N: Tell me, what you...
  16. aswaxsora

    Only His

    My mouth carved to be only a mirror of his. My body, The Dancer, His favorite. My hair, the Sky upon his Favorite Time. My Eyes, the Grass in the Spring, his season. My Skin, the Clouds at Sunset The Time of his Love. My Ears, the quick Fox His favorite animal. My voice, Sweet, sweet candy...
  17. aswaxsora

    The REAL Vanitas Fanclub

    So, Roa has been delated. Star isn't here and Ventus is busy. This is not going to get popular. FOR THE FORUTH DAMN TIME, WELCOME (back?) TO THE VANITAS FANCLUB!!! God: Vanitas Slaves of our God (The many top slaves: Ventus Air-Man Starcrossedsky Roa AswaxSora) VirgilTheart Allister Rose...
  18. aswaxsora

    The Bell Jar

    They locked me in this Bell Jar. Tight, enclosed Space. The glass is too tight now. It's hard to breath. No! Take her away from me. No head, No logic. No Heart, No Love. One must die, Her or I. I am stuck in the Bell Jar With Headless, Heartless, Following me desperately. Giving her, her Heart...
  19. aswaxsora

    Under Spoken

    Water. It flows deeply, Heavily. Tears join to make the Oceans. No one senses our Words. No one notices we're here Drowning Because you could not save us. Our tongues have been Cut off roughly. You say you'll dance with them But we only bleed. Once you die, We laugh. Happiness escapes us. But...