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    Horns up and!

    The Marching Band fanclub. :) Here people who are in either their High School marching band or DCI for that matter can discuss and have a good time meeting new people who play the same instrument, discuss their shows, etc. Let's start it up. =) I'm Mike, I play the trumpet (which you could...
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    Paying in Change

    Does anyone else here feel that it is awkward to pay for anything with just change, especially if there are other people waiting in line behind you? Numerous things go through my head when I occasionally pay in change. What are people behind me thinking right now? What is the CASHIER thinking...
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    ~ø+The Reversed Hearts v2.0+ø~

    Well, it came time for them to finally purge FI. But, like I promised, TRH had to live on, and it will. :) THE R£VERS£D HEARTS ® » KHInsider's first FAMILY. ~~♪ NOT ACCEPTING ANY NEW MEMBERS AT THIS TIME, THANK YOU. ♥
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    I took this image a little while ago. Deeman and Riku-Keyblade are of the same Staff coloring, yet, R-K is under staff, and Deeman is under Members. Is this a mistake?
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    I was wondering if there was any way for an admin to possibly change my birthday/age than what it currently is? When I first joined, I put my birthday as a year earlier, and I have no idea why I did that. Maybe to make myself look older, which it has been. I recently just turned 16, not 17. Just...
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    Double Click?

    Almost every time I post, it says that my post is a duplicate of what I have already posted. When I look down, my post is there. What is this problem? I know my mouse doesn't double-click by accident.
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    Official KH2:FM Art

    Anyone know where I can find some of the Official Art for KH2:FM?
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    What's your favorite DCI Corp?

    Exactly the title. What's your favorite Drum Corp International Corp? Mine are: Phantom Regiment, the Blue Devils, the Cavaliers, and the Cadets. All those corps (^) are absolutely amazing! I want to be a Blue Devil someday!
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    Before I ask what's on my mind, I was wondering if someone could tell me something. Do all the posts, including FI and Non-Kingdom Hearts sections count towards the sites over-all post count?
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    Help/Support ► Youtube Help

    Thank you Ecstacy! <3 =] And FA, I used to have that, but I don't know what happened to it, I think my brother must've disabled it. =P
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    Help/Support ► Youtube Help

    Is there any way to download videos from Youtube to your computer?
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    Bring back GAME FUEL!

    For all those who thought Mountain Dew Game Fuel was an orgasm in their mouths and wants it back, this is the thread to discuss about it! Earlier this year, my friends and I went to Big Y and we each bought 2 liter bottles of Game Fuel to ourselves and we almost puked half way through the...
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    [MUSIC] Viva La Vida

    Viva La Vida by Coldplay. This song has to be the best song in existence, I love this song!!!!
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    I didn't know where to find information on SOTW, so I apologize if there's another place where this should be asked. Is there a place where you can go and sign up for the Signature of the Week, or do assigned people go looking for the best sigs and have people vote to see which is better?
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    Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

    Guitar Hero, all the way! Rock Band is epic fail.
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    Kingdom Hearts III Consoles

    Is Nomura planning on releasing KH3 on anything else but the PS3?
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    Wow.. SO embarrassed

    I'm sorry I have to ask this question, good staff of KHI. But, I see that my username is in Silver, what does that mean? :blushing: Feels like I'm back to my nooby days.. heh.
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    Well, I'll be.

    Heh, anyone remember me? SS is back!! :thumbsup:
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    GBA Game Link Compatability?

    Is it true that the only thing there is to do when you connect two GBA's via game link cable, is trade cards? I thought you could pick a file and battle each other.
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    My theory on who is who in the secret ending

    It makes sense, but is the KH2:FM secret ending really before the Kingdom Hearts series we know? o_O It honestly doesn't look like it... but the info you provided does sound reasonable. ^_^