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  1. Sexual White Chocolate

    I made it

    Ask me what it's like
  2. Sexual White Chocolate

    make america great again

    q_q61B-DyPk Who's with me Trump 2016!
  3. Sexual White Chocolate

    what does ur moan sound like

    i sound a little bit like a hippopotamus taking a dump
  4. Sexual White Chocolate

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection

    I'm remedying the lack of thread for this game. So for those of you who live under a rock and don't know, Halo: The Master Chief Collection comes out Tuesday November 11th. It contains all 4 numbered installments of the Halo franchise, including the Halo 1 remaster, and more importantly, the...
  5. Sexual White Chocolate

    Film ► Birdman

    Unfortunately, this is not Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law. I know, I'm sad about that too. That said... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIxMMv_LD5Q ...this movie looks interesting, to say the very least. It's a superhero comedy with quite the cast and Keaton's Birdman seems to tip-toe on...
  6. Sexual White Chocolate


    We all know West is a genius, but most of us need constant reminding on just how important this man is to our society. I've decided to compile a lexicon of the best of Kanye West. Feel free to add to this compilation- of course, only genuine KWotes are allowed. 1.“If I don't win, the award...
  7. Sexual White Chocolate

    Help/Support ► Dating Advice

    Look dude, as someone who has had his share of young love and heartbreak, as well as someone who is 22 and from Alabama, judging if your information isn't inaccurate, let me give you some pieces of simple advice. For one, pay attention to what Passion said. It's all good stuff to think about...
  8. Sexual White Chocolate

    post here and let me rate you

    i have a phd in rating people
  9. Sexual White Chocolate

    What Would I Say?

    So there's this silly little bot that links up to your facebook profile and randomly generates what it thinks you might say, based off of all your statuses. What Would I Say? Examples: Me: "I do anything, even get close to sleep, but first day in I always get close to a pedophile" "I do wish...
  10. Sexual White Chocolate

    post your theme song :)

  11. Sexual White Chocolate

    The Chocolate family and friends

    This thread will follow story of the Chocolate family. So for those of you who don't know, Taylor is my son. We are a happy family, though many years ago his mother fell ill to fortunate circumstances so it was just left as me and the boy. Being a single father isn't easy and there have been...
  12. Sexual White Chocolate

    post here and i will tell you who you should date on khi

    post here and i will tell you who you should date on khi resume optional -swcHarmony® Dating Services Inc. Information: swcHarmony® Dating Services Inc. Sexual White Chocolate Harmony Dating Services Incorporated is the first service within the KHI dating industry to use a...
  13. Sexual White Chocolate

    where all my ant farmers at

    and how big is your ant farm and are they chill so my ants could come over and be like "sup home BOIEH" and it all be good give deets on farm size, # of queens, etc
  14. Sexual White Chocolate

    i dont do this anymore [Finland]

    But a promise is a promise. Didn't do much of it, but I added some dashes of blood for you, Jenni. Even if it takes five years, I'll get them all done.
  15. Sexual White Chocolate

    guys i need help :/

    or at least that's what a girl told me when i asked her out
  16. Sexual White Chocolate

    i post insightful thoughts once a day

    or less or more, don't try to contain my genius thought of today came up mid conversation about how 'gender identifiers' are stupid: If you have sex in the matrix are you really having sex? No, everyone in the matrix is actually a virgin since its not real which makes sense because people who...
  17. Sexual White Chocolate

    who do you wanna date on khi

    post who you would date on khi
  18. Sexual White Chocolate

    greatest disappointments

    final fantasy xiii