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    What's the difference between White Done, Yellow Done and Ticked Done?

    NOTE: I have worked it out! White 'Done' means that you have completed the main objective, but not the optional. Gold 'Done' means that you have completed the optional objective by filling the mission gauge all the way (this must be done in the normal holo-mission, not in a challenge) The...
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    What's the difference between White Done, Yellow Done and Ticked Done?

    I have all badges and treasures and I still got DONE with ticks and some without
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    What's the difference between White Done, Yellow Done and Ticked Done?

    Hello everyone, Something's been on my mind for quite some time now . After every time you finish a mission you either receive the following: No DONE = Haven't filled in the Mission Gauge enough White Done = Filled the Mission Gauge to the minimum standard. Yellow Done = Filled the Mission...
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    Favorite KH2 Org. Member

    Marluxia is Mine... Obviously lol. Shame you didn't add it to the poll.
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    Completely Random Theory

    You're right!... it is RANDOM! >.<
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    link between riku and MX apprentice

    Hmm... this got me wondering of a theory. Maybe MX is Riku's Brother? Even though I have no evidence, it's a possibility.
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    Your Favorite ► Your Favorite Vacation?

    Where in the World was the best vacation you've ever been to and why? Whatever continent it's in please answer in the poll and also tell us with a post which specific country/place it was in. My favourite holiday was in Corfu, Greece. Me and my mum were in a stunning hotel and the nightlife...
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    Any of you good Animators or Sound Experts?

    Hello Everyone! I was scrolling through Newgrounds and I noticed that there was around 5 people that were good at Animation or Sound Editing and also liked Kingdom Hearts. I thought this was very weird so I though, maybe the Animators and Sound Experts are here, on this forum. Could you please...
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    My Poem for Wayne Allwine

    I wrote this poem on KH Wikia. I hope you like it, it's for the recently passed away, Wayne Allwine, former voice of Kingdom Mickey: My dear old king, I've loved you so You've been in my heart since a long time ago You've raised me up even though I've outgrown... From that special little...
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    VERY minor KH merchandise news~

    In the UK, we don't have Target stores. Does that mean we cant reserve it?
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    Level at Destiny Islands

    I tried as hard as possible and I got up to Lv15. It would of been WAY longer without Wakka. My advice is just step away from Wakka, Don't lock on and keep striking his beach balls (blitzball). If done successfuly you could get about 10 tech points without attacking him. I got around 20 a go...
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    What are unbirths made of?

    Soul = Life... So if Unbirths are Unborn... doesn't that mean they didn't have a Soul...meaning they were Unborn... (but then again how would you explain Heartless? It must involve the Soul but I think it might be the opposite way round. Only one way to find out!
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    Silent Hill 2: Discussion

    Has anyone played Silent Hill 2 for the PS2? I found out about through a girl working in Asda (UK'S WalMart), she said she got her kids the game and they loved it. So, I bought the game, and at first I was a little bit freaked out, with the Male toilet scee. But, once I got into the game, I...
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    Will Sora's Parents be in "Birth by Sleep".

    Back in "Kingdom Hearts", just before Sora left his home, his Mother called for him. We know very little about Sora, Riku and Kairi's parents at the moment, but do you think "Birth by Sleep" will introduce them into the plotline? All we do know about Sora, Kairi and Riku's family is: Sora -...
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    Level at Destiny Islands

    Between Level 12-16 I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I always try to get the highest level before leaving DI. Also, I was trying to get my score higher than Riku's so that took a lot of time which fortunately increased level(but was quite boring lol).
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    KH characters that look and even act a little like FF characters

    Yea, the're all true. Nomura said that he had certain ideas from his previous FF's while he was making these characters. You can't deny their similarities.
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    re: xehanort/terra theory

    Re: xehanort/terra theory OMG, you are completely, right. That's an AMAZING observation. You're sopt on, there's no way you could deny it? Ven must be Xehanort/Xemnas. Thank You for reporting that... it's freaky how similar they are! I'm shocked and grateful! Thanks Tevlen.
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    Am I the only one...

    If you try really hard, you're dream might come true, lol. I haven't played Re:CoM yet because I live in Europe, so I'd have to buy Swap Magic anddo all that charade. I would really love to play it, that's my dream lol.
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    Did Kingdom Heart's Opening, Freak you out a Bit?

    I don't know about you, but when I first played KH, I was a little bit freaked out. At the beginning was the Random Poem while Sora was floating in water. Then as he's sinking, there's a flash and he's on an island. But then there's, the Tidal Wave with Riku holding his hand out to Sora...