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  1. Xiao

    Finding Michigan

    looking for some composition tips, i am fully aware that I am a complete beginner i know quality is bad, these are old or hey, if ya like some of them, that's cool too. these also unedited because i do not know how :< one step at a time eh? ^ kinda boring? :< ^definitely know i...
  2. Xiao

    Help/Support ► Mother Being Protective

    Man, I understand how you feel. I've always been pretty tough and independent, but I always cry when I'm arguing with my mom. I'm assuming you're at least 18, and if you're responsible then I'd say do it anyway. I'm not from that area but if you feel comfortable taking the bus, then I'd do it if...
  3. Xiao

    Help/Support ► Travel Blogging

    iknorite? then this bs happened :< tumblr it is then! I was considering blogger since I don't know tumblr to well but my sister also swears by it so, we'll see how this turns out >:)
  4. Xiao

    Help/Support ► Travel Blogging

    So, on Sunday I'll be flying to Germany to start a year long study abroad program :> In the midst of freaking out a bit, I've been thinking about writing a travel blog while I'm there, so if anyone blogs at all, I could use some pointers, especially what site to use. Any ideas?
  5. Xiao

    TV ► BBC Sherlock - "It's never the fall."

    Awesome TV series from the BBC, its a modern day take on consulting detective Sherlock Holmes and his flatmate and Dr. Watson, war doctor recently returned from Iraq. The first series (only one out right now) consists of 3 movie-length episodes with season two set to be released in 2012. Anyone...
  6. Xiao

    Remembering How

    This is a poem I wrote in three parts, part of my final portfolio for a poetry class during my sophomore year of college. Its a bit more surreal than the stuff I usually like. Tell me what you think! Remembering How I. My father sits alone, regards a bottle of wine. Cabernet sauvignon. 1973...
  7. Xiao

    Help/Support ► I want to confess my love for this girl.

    It sounds like genuine feelings and interest, infatuation maybe, but not love.
  8. Xiao

    Help/Support ► I want to confess my love for this girl.

    Yes it will. She's 15, unless she's an idiot she has probably guessed or read it in your conversations (unless of course you've gone to ridiculous lengths to conceal it). If she wants to bring it up, let her. Don't do anything until then. Also, what you're talking about doesn't quite sound like...
  9. Xiao

    Lit ► Short Stories

    So what are your favorites? Any authors in particular? What would you recommend? Some easy ones to find that I really love are The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin, The Enormous Radio by John Cheever, and Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? by Joyce Carol Oates, which is really good and...
  10. Xiao

    Hi againnn

    Man, it's been a while. Probably long enough for no one to remember me :eek: . But I'm back! So, hey :cool:. Edit: HAH! I can't find my avatar :)
  11. Xiao


    Well jeez, I disappear for a couple months and I come back and I don't know what way is up and what's upside down and such. What's going on?
  12. Xiao

    Which Organization member did you enjoy taking out most?

    KH2? I'll tell you one. NOT LUXORD. It was frustrating, I didn't understand it, and I kept getting pissed :D.
  13. Xiao

    Help/Support ► externship or summer?

    I know that, but it's SO important to me that my best friend remains a major part of my life. Logically, I know that nothing will change and we'll pick up right where we left of when I get back. I just feel so paranoid about it. I guess it's just that I want this summer to be a repeat of last...
  14. Xiao

    Help/Support ► externship or summer?

    Yeah I'm definitely going for it. I just need help to stop worrying about what I mentioned =\
  15. Xiao

    Help/Support ► externship or summer?

    Re: Flipping the @#$% out DOUBLE POST ALRIGHTTT. So I got the externship. I told my best friend who wasn't too happy. I'm not too happy either. I know its a fantastic opportunity but I'm already away at school and I don't want to miss out on time with my best friends. I'm afraid I'll be gone...
  16. Xiao

    Help/Support ► externship or summer?

    Re: Flipping the @#$% out Yeah, I've decided that if I get it. I'm going for it. I get my letter today. We'll see how this goes.
  17. Xiao

    Help/Support ► externship or summer?

    So I applied for an externship a couple weeks ago through my school. It involves going to Germany for three weeks and helping to teach english there to people corporate businesses. It's only open to freshman and sophomores at my school, and there's a good chance that I might get it. Now, I...
  18. Xiao

    sea salt scenes

    There are definitely more (interesting) ways to show developing friendships.
  19. Xiao

    sea salt scenes

    After the first 837 scenes I was pretty sick of them. Also the ones where Roxas was alone...come. on.
  20. Xiao

    Help/Support ► Job help!

    I'd advise calling soon. About three years ago I interviewed for a job, and they said that they'd call me in a week or so. Well, two weeks went by and no one called me, so I called them and they were like "Oh yeah..Uh, the job's yours if you want it." And I'm still working there xP