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  1. Arimith

    What Did Kingdom Hearts II do wrong?

    While I feel you there, as lame as it sounds, KHII gameplay did LOOK the best at least. Though BBS felt the most tight, to me.
  2. Arimith

    Why is Xehanort's nobody named Xemnas?

    But why did the Nobody of Xehanort hate his original name so much? Especially if Apprentice Xehanort was pretty much MX just with a case of amnesia and Keyblade envy? MX didn't seem to hold any grudge against himself. He was sort of narcissistic.
  3. Arimith

    New 3D info

    But if we're going to be seeing the TGS demo, I imagine it has to be somewhat grandiose given the scope of the event.
  4. Arimith

    Racism in the Modern World (And your experiences with it)

    To start off with, I feel it is important to establish that I am a white, middle-class male working as a cashier to help pay for College. I have been raised in suburbia for most of my life, and as such have been rather safe (at least at home.) Up until reaching maturity and having to...
  5. Arimith

    New 3D info

    Guys. It will be heavly monitored. The entire point of showing it to 80 people versus a huge crowd is two fold. 1. They can pretty much view everyone really well, and notice any camera phones/cameras taking shots of the footage. 2. Measure hype, what resonates and what doesn't, and just get...
  6. Arimith

    Birth By Sleep Capes

    If this doesn't happen in 3D or KH3 I will be so disappoint.
  7. Arimith

    Birth By Sleep Capes

    They don't even wear armor except for like one battle, and the rest is cutscenes. But that being said, I don't think I'd of minded them removing the capes all that much, except for the BbS intro still shows them in their capes! Cmon, Nomura. Either make a totally new intro for the game, or at...
  8. Arimith

    Kingdom Hearts 3D.... Your thoughts??

    Just understanding some of the characters is like Inception. Okay, Xemnas! A Nobody of a person inside of a person with another person inside of him. Ansem SoD! A Heartless of a person inside of a person with another person inside. Namine! A Nobody of a person who was in a person with another...
  9. Arimith

    Kingdom Hearts 3D.... Your thoughts??

    What I think will happen, is that since currently they're in their KH2 clothes, start out with that until Yen Cid begins the Mark of Mastery exam. From there, they switch to KH1, inner battles yadda yadda. After they finish and are Masters, then they get new clothes...with armor I hope.
  10. Arimith

    Kingdom Hearts 3D.... Your thoughts??

    Maybe. When did Nomura say the trailer was non-canon? And while I want some new clothes, I kind of dislike how Soras very crappy KH1 design has like, 3 games, and his pretty cool base KHII design just has most of a game under it's belt. Very disappointing :(
  11. Arimith

    Kingdom Hearts 3D.... Your thoughts??

    To just address the top part, didn't Nomura say that, albeit they're getting new clothes later on, story wise they had to be in their KH1 attire for something?? And since Nomura supposedly said it's about lost data inside of Sora, wouldn't surprise me if they both have some internal battle or...
  12. Arimith

    Help/Support ► Application Questions

    Totally different man. AP tests basically a measure if you have the knowledge to reward you with college credit for a said subject. SATs supposedly test how well your writing, reading, and analytical skills are to see if you're up to snuff for college.
  13. Arimith

    Plotholes Thread

    Sounds alot like Jedi. At least Lucas mentioned that they USED to be numerous in the past. I just feel them really, really, really trying to make KH Star Wars...with Disney! Sora can be Luke. Super important, until it turns out there was not just one, but two more powerful jedi in the same...
  14. Arimith

    Plotholes Thread

    Sora and Roxas/Ventus use a similar one too. And people say Roxas looked just like Sora. But we can tell that it's just like Ventus. So game sprites really doesn't matter, unless Ventus is Sora's long lost older brother or some shit. Then everything'd be fine. Of course it will. It will also...
  15. Arimith

    Plotholes Thread

    That also begs the question why Ven's heart wasn't released when Sora stabbed himself...or if it was and in Roxas, wouldn't he have memories of Ventus and not Sora? And wouldn't he go back to his body in CO? Plot holessss.......
  16. Arimith

    Plotholes Thread

    Okay, not really a plothole but general confusion. Most Nobodies resemble, VERY closely, their original persona. So then, why does Namine look so vastly different to Kairi? Sora and Roxas make sense due to Ventus, but did they ever explain why them two are different?
  17. Arimith

    Star Ocean: Second Evolution

    So...I searched for a good solid 15 minutes, and could not find a thread on this. If I derped and there is one established already, feel free to delete this thread mods... Now, that being said, who all here are fans? This was my first action RPG, and to this day it is still my favorite. The...
  18. Arimith

    Another "I'm New Here!" Thread!

    Title kind of explains it I guess haha. Actually stumbled across this forum on accident when I was looking something up for BBS. Community seemed really chill, so I decided to give it a whirl :tongue: I hear two things about this forum though. One, that I am about to lose my soul, and two, that...