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    Black Protagonist With Dreds/Braids in Manga WTF?!?!

    So I was looking for something to hold me down while I wait for other manga that I read and came across Knights from Onemanga.About a black boy hiding his color with a mask and some armor with people calling him the black knight that saves innocent people that are being called witches by the...
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    Otakus Beware

    All otakus will end up like that pedo. So while browsing onemanga I found this funny gem called Otaku no Musume-san. It's about a girl wanting to meet her father who turns out to be an otaku and lives with some similar in nature neighbors.Hilarity ensues.
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    Defense Devil

    This is one of those manga that you may have seen when they first come out, but look over because it may not seem interesting at first. Basic plot summary This doesn't spoil anything, but I like this character. Seems generic at first, but most girls with guns generally aren't generic if...
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    Help/Support ► Great, I Have Another Issue....Go Figure.

    I would read all of it if it wasn't for the color of the text. Can you make a TL:DR version :D?
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    Help/Support ► Dammit, this is why I hate family disputes...good reasons or not.

    Do what I did to my mom's boyfriend. Played the victim so much that she saw what he was for herself eventually and left his punk ass.Although that took six years >.> Nvm that plan. I'd say go live with your Grandparents, even if you don't like them, while pushing for the possiblity of living...
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    King of Queens

    Shame that no one made a thread about this classic comedy show. 3HPa2onPT3Y& ^one of my fav moments lol King of Queens is about a fat white guy named Doug and his hot wife Carrie, plus her father as they go through their hilarious daily lives in Queens ,New York.
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    Help/Support ► Officially FUCKED UP

    you forgot to add Rejected Should've had buttsecks
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    Tales of Graces (Shamdeo already pre-ordered it)

    You disappoint me Steve. Wondering why no one has made a thread about this yet.So, new tales of game, coming soon, looks waaay better than Tales of Symphonia II and it's bullshit. Art looks nice and the battle system looks promising. Only thing I don't like is how the main character looks like...
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    Way to make BBS better

    I'd rather play it on my 19 inch flat screen. They do have HD cables for the psp just so you know. Plus, it's better when you're not going anywhere to play it on the tv.
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Manga

    Vexen's face just looked funny lol
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Manga

    I don't know but I just finished reading the prelude and I kinda like it. Although they made Demyx look like a hobo and Vexen looks just lol.
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Manga

    Kingdom Hearts - 358/2 Days 0 - Read Kingdom Hearts - 358/2 Days chapter 0 online. Gotta say I was expecting it, but not expecting it so soon. This is the first of the KH manga that I'll actually read. Kinda excited about this one, even though I know what fail is going to present itself later...
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    Phantom:Requiem of the Phantom

    So I noticed this went heavily under the radar, which made me sad. This anime is animated by Bee Train, same people who were involved with .Hack//Sign, and it's directed by Bee Train's founder. Unless you've played the visual novel it was based on, then this might be new to you. Since I was...
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    Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist

    So I was checking my favorite place to read manga for any updates to the ones that I already read and I happen to find a new manga by some unknown author/artist. So naturally I checked it out. Haven't read it yet, but based on the plot summary, the story reminds me of Hellboy in a certain way...
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    Black Lagoon Season 3 Announcement

    Watch Anime Online | Stream Anime Episodes Free - ZOMG Anime FUCK YES, TIMEZ FO MY BLOODHOUWNDZ TO TAKE MESS SOME SHITZ UP!!!
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    The World Ends with You

    Or Qster can stop trolling and everyone else can just stop being butthurt about it :0
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    Walt Disney World monorail crash kills employee - Yahoo! News You know shit just got real when people die at Disney Theme Parks.
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    CANAAN jiYszU0Pe94 Not a total letdown. So this is the second cartoon on the list of summer cartoons that are getting released this year. It's pretty ok. The Op was epic, but the first episode is meh. This might just be one of those cartoons that starts slow and pick up to get better.
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    RRV7NWMUcTs So this was one of the anime off the summer 09 list that I was looking foward to watching. So, it's kinda obvious where it's heading. Episode 1 is out and subbed. Hopefully I can get these spoiler tags right Now alls that's left to do is wait for Tokyo Magnitude to come out and...
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    Can you feel the lies tonight?

    Yahoo! Users' Top Rated Animated Films - Photo Gallery on Yahoo! Movies How the hell does BOLT place higher than The Lion King?! Yahoo spreads Blasphemy I tell you, they must be stopped at once :angry:Discuss why Wall E should never be placed higher than Toy Story, discuss how ridiculous it is...