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    Some new

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    KHI Continuous Collab

    Who wants to collab? Post a start or let me know if you want me to start. I wanna see some activity here. :[ Edit: I renamed the thread to make it a thread like "The Trash Can". Nobody has posted in that old thread in pretty long time. Maybe Rien or CME will want to merge the threads. Who...
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    I don't know what to say

    Here I am again. after another 2 year break. This is my second tag in 4 years. I just feel like getting back into things.
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    [Request] Where are all you old timers?

    This is a request. Who has stocks/C4D Renders/Fonts/Brushes/whatever you like to get me back in the game?
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    2 years and I guess I can still do it?

    Giving it a go anyway... First time in photoshop in almost 2 years.
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    Were you listening? I missed that last part.

    WiPs. suggestions appreciated. But. I probably won't do anything with either of these for another week at least. edit: decided to go ahead and play with the second tag a little
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    Yup. im back.

    Sorry for my absence. had some personal problems. anyway. new.
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    Be Inspired

    What inspires you? lets see it. any type of art. music, drawings, photography, writing, paintings. anything. fer real. Right now, im pretty interested in typography. http://thedesigninspiration.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/typography/Envy-3D-Text-Wallpaper.jpg...
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    Photoshop Alternative. [No DL Required]

    http://www.splashup.com/splashup/Splashup.swf have fun. =] very limited in terms of filters and such, but its fun to play with.
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    [Sub] SotW 105

    Going back about a year and a half to Ray for this idea. Typography: THE DIRECTORS BUREAU SPECIAL PROJECTS Go here, press the shuffle button. the text that comes up is what goes with your tag. Stock: Flickr: Explore interesting photos from the last 7 days in FlickrLand... Click the link, one...
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    Oh, Compromise.

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    Who's Bad?

    I'm working on a digipainting of Michael Jackson as a tribute. Not near finished yet, but I need some opinions. First, heres a progress shot of what I have: http://i44.tinypic.com/16gk5lf.png This is the image im using as a reference: http://i42.tinypic.com/fx6nbk.jpg Now, I need to know if...
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    TKO [Gift2Crow]

    Empty sig space should be filled. :p unless you dont want it. thats cool too. I was just feelin a little old school lol. but in case you're not feelin the big canvas.
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    Need Opinions.

    Which ones more appealing.
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    C4E's Secret Stuff.

    Resource Thread. :D Mmkay, cleaning this up a bit. PSDs: (Click the tag) Request PSDs from HERE! Feel free to request PSDs to anything in that main album. Right now my laptop doesn't have a power cord, so if the PSD is on my laptop I won't be able to get it up right away, but I will...
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    Digital Media (Must be semi-pro or higher to post.)

    lol I like that. Just noticed that in the graphics forum description. Clever staff member. :p Anywayyy. I swear this will be my last thread for a few days haha finished the tag I used in the battle with Happy Holocaust: and made one more in case King Sora X still wanted to battle: and...
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    Finally finished this tutorial.

    Well... some people were asking for this tutorial about a year ago and i forgot to finish it. I was doing a bit of cleaning on my desktop and came across the PSD to it and decided to finish writing it. so here it is. A year in the making lol Enjoy. =] Direct Link :D
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    Happy Holocaust vs. C4E [VOTE]

    Good luck H.H. =] First to 7 wins. Tag 1: - Happy Holocaust ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tag 2: - C4E Fin. 0-7.
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    Open Challenge!

    1 on 1 freestyle tags. I've only made 2 tags in the past 9 months and a tag battle i think is what i need to push myself to be more creative. first person to post a new tag. no pre-mades. =] I'll try and have one done before tomorrow.
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    Hold up... lemme fix my hat.

    Nice. Forums allow posting of more than 2 images now. :D