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    Recommend me an anime series

    I've just finished watching fullmetal alchemist and wouldn't mind getting into another anime series, does anyone have any good recommendations? Recently I've seen: Escaflowne Evangelion Started watching naruto but too many fluffing fillers Bleach (same as above) So I guess I don't like...
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    Who all wants BBS for the PS3?

    I also have a ps3 and have the opinion that it isn't this all dancing, super graphic creating console that many proclaim it to be. So, does this mean my post is hilarious too? Also, I'll be rolling my eyes when you laugh at everyone who weren't KH3 on the ps3 believers.
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    Kingdom Hearts BbS IGN Reader's Choice Awards

    Not everyone has the same opinion as you :) some people may enjoy the story of big boss alot more than the story of KH. Isn't it what YOU think that matters anyway? Not what IGN or it's readers think. Not that I'd want threads like these to end, they're too full of lulz.
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    Kingdom Hearts BbS IGN Reader's Choice Awards

    This irrational IGN hatred lark never gets old. Ps peace walker is the fucking tits.
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    COM vs RECOM

    The original COM was harder and harder difficulty > Better graphics of RE:COM.
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    Who all wants BBS for the PS3?

    I'm not saying it's a good idea but what about those who DON'T have a psp? It might be unfair for those who bought a psp especially for birth by sleep but try thinking of those who haven't.
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    Games you have trouble playiing again

    I finished persona 3 portable today for the third or so time (including the times when I've beaten the ps2 fes version) and for some reason I searched online for the main characters fate after the ending. Why the fluff did I do that. Finding out that: this just left me with no reason to play...
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    Help/Support ► HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    Put a hamster in a remote control plane, oh and don't forget to include a little helmet for the lil rodent.
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    Sora vs Ven who would win

    Uh, so are we forgetting the fact that ven trained every day with two very skilled keyblade users, one of whom became a keyblade master? I wouldn't say ven isn't experienced when he's trained a hell of a lot more than sora.
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    Sora vs Ven who would win

    This would be a sora who has no help, so he would not be able to use his drive forms and only has his skill with the keyblade and magic to rely on. It would be ven who'd win anyway.
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    Tips for vanitas battle

    It's the final boss Vanitas. :)
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    Tips for vanitas battle

    I'm currently playing as Ven and he's at level 43. I've got faith, mega flare, ars arcarum and curaga...maybe something else, can't remember. It's still a hard ish battle, so does anyone have any tips on beating him? Oh and i'm on proud mode.
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    Are you satisfied by BBS?

    Maybe they have a valid reason for not liking it but nah, lets just assume they're doing it for no reason or whatever.
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    BBS review from Kotaku!

    I wasn't much of a fan when I heard the remixed theme song and still don't like it, so I agree with them.
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    KH BbS on place 3 in the software charts!

    It's a good game and has gotten mainly positive reviews, so I don't see this is as surprising news.
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    Birth by Sleep -FINAL MIX- announced! (Famitsu scans here!)

    I highly doubt it'll be anything more than the version we got, so I don't see why people are complaining.
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    Birth by Sleep -FINAL MIX- announced! (Famitsu scans here!)

    Haha, this thread and all the reactions were hilarious. I really hope something else pisses off the KH fanbase, so we get another group whining and making a big deal out of it.
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    Late Birth by Sleep review 13/9

    Ah nevermind then. They seemed to like it anyway, which is all that matters.
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    Late Birth by Sleep review 13/9

    Haha, so having not played many KH games and not knowing the entire story makes them noobs? The majority of the reviewers probably aren't aware of the "complex" story told through out all the KH games. I'm not going to blame them for not knowing much, story wise.
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    Little Rant: Loading Times

    The bad thing about choosing to speed up the CPU in the options menu is that it would drain the battery quickly though, so I'd advice against doing that unless you have an AC adaptor nearby to charge whilst playing.