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  1. ddta1177

    Hardest and Easiest Disney Bosses

    What is the hardest and easiest Disney boss you've ever had to fight in all seven main kingdom hearts games. Optional bosses don't count. Hardest KH1:It will always be giant Ursula, literally took half a year. Clayton with the Stealth Sneak is a close second. CoM: Never had a problem with the...
  2. ddta1177

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Ugh, I just encountered the glitch in Prankster's Paradise, I found the windup way special portal and the little icon is on the map but when i go up to it no red notice appears that says "special" nothing happened. Plus everytime, even after i drop for the first time as Riku, I watch a...
  3. ddta1177


    Do you think it's possible for Square Enix to have fixed the bug for the NA version? I hope iI don't get the bug when I get the game Tuesday. Is there a chance that certain games don't have this glitch? I did some research and someone found this fix it says in order to make the secret portals...
  4. ddta1177

    Lit ► Hagrid Can Fly!

    I was just starting my readthrough of the Harry Potter series (again) and i noticed in the Sorcerer's Stone something that i've never noticed before, Hagrid said that he flew to the hut on the rock in chapter 5 page 64. But in book 7 everyone is shocked and surprised that Voldemort can fly...
  5. ddta1177

    King Mickey

    So King Mickey is originally from Timeless River along with Pete, so did Pete and Mickey somehow move to the Country of the Musketeers world from Timeless River, and then when Mickey left Country of the Musketeer did he go back to Timeless River to live in the new Disney Castle. Is Minnie...
  6. ddta1177

    How *** Works

    And what Xigbar said about having to have existed in the place and time you want to travel to not just the time. Here's the link: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 20 - The World that Never Was 1/4] (English Subtitles) - YouTube It's around 4:00.
  7. ddta1177

    How *** Works

    I also have another question, during the subs it says that you need a to have existed in the time you want to travel and the place too or something about being there right before it fell into darkness. And are Xigbar and Saix from the past too and were brought over by YMX or are they human and...
  8. ddta1177

    How *** Works

    Sorry didn't realize that i probably shouldn't have put that in there
  9. ddta1177

    How *** Works

    I've been watching playthroughs on youtube and a saw a cutscene shown afetr the end of Symphony of Sorcery where Mckey and Xehanort discuss Xehanort. They talked about how in order to go back in time he had to have been there in the first place and they also talked about Ansem SoD possesing...
  10. ddta1177

    Wishful Thinking about the DIsney Bosses

    What if we see the return of Dwarf Woodlands or La Cite Des Cloches in BBS vol. 2 (if there is one) before they fell into darkness and we fight Frollo and The Evil Queen maybe as mickey or something.
  11. ddta1177

    Wishful Thinking about the DIsney Bosses

    But if we would fight Frollo or the Evil Queen in Kh3, where would we fight them, like i don't want to be walking around in Robin Hood world and all of the sudden a really out of place Judge Claude Frollo appears and demands a battle or the Queen wandering around Bambi's Forest looking for a...
  12. ddta1177

    What were Xemnas's true intentions?

    Was he trying to get Maleficent to find the princesses for him so he could set up his whole scheme in KH1?
  13. ddta1177

    What were Xemnas's true intentions?

    One more thing, when Master Xehanort was revived after Xemnas and Ansem SoD were killed, why does he look like old Master Xehanort and not Ansem the Wise's apprentice Terra-Xehanort because isn't that the form he was in when he lost his heart and became a Heartless and Nobody. And in BBS why did...
  14. ddta1177

    What were Xemnas's true intentions?

    In Kingdom Hearts 2 it seems that the organization, is trying to get new hearts by creating Kingdom Hearts. 1.) Why don't they just use the Princesses of Heart to get to Kingdom Hearts? 2.) According to Dream Drop Distance, Nobodies can get new hearts so why would they need Kingdom Hearts...
  15. ddta1177

    The King's Letter

    At the end of KH1 and at the beginning of COM, Sora, Donald and Goofy are walking through that green field and they see Pluto holding a letter. What does that letter say. Kh wiki says that it the game tells you and the words that appear on the screen ("Remember Sora, you are the one who will...
  16. ddta1177

    Question about Neverland

    Okay, so I've noticed that in KH1 Neverland and several other worlds look a certain way, then KH2 comes along and all the worlds that were in KH1 look completly different especially Atlantica. Then with BBS we have Neverland which looks nothing like its orginal KH1 form. Is there a reason for...
  17. ddta1177


    Are the Neku and Joshua and everyone else just dreams of their original selves or are they real people that are just in the RoS like Sora and Riku?
  18. ddta1177

    Why are the worlds split?

    So why did Sora fail, and was Sora asleep during the whole game in the world that never was? Also why is the Country of Musketeers in the RoS if the Disney Castle was never destroyed by the Heartless and why is it that time. Same thing with Symphony of Sorcery, why is it there if the...
  19. ddta1177

    Dream Drop Distance Questions

    Okay, I haven't played the game but I've watched subs and i have a few questions about some of the more confusing plot elements of the game. Beware these questions contain heavy spoilers. 1.) Why does Riku have a Dream Eater symbol on his back? 2.) What the hell was Ursula doing on the...