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    Final world cinematic translations

    Awesome thanks for the translation Krexia! I hate to be anal about your translations but i believe that riku encounters roxas, then VENTUS (who he mistakes for roxas) and then xion, not that its really a problem though. Also I believe the seven lights are Mickey Ventus Terra Aqua Sora Riku Kairi...
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    Question about the VS

    umm I'm not sure if this belongs in the spoiler section or not so if it does feel free to move it. So as we all know the Vanitas sentiment is called Vanitas's lingering spirit in the english release. Well what I want to know is why it is being referred to as the Vanitas remnant now (like at the...
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    Trinity Report 100%

    Or you could beat it on proud mode :) thats what I'm gonna do when i get it so that I don't have to worry about the T. Report
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread ok thanks. I didn't watch the streams because i didn't want to spoil it for myself. But I am glad to hear hayden return. I always liked her voice more than alysons.
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread I'm so lost here. How does everyone know that Hayden is back for bbs? I'm lost cuz it says on the first page that only Alyson is back...
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    Umm how do you play online by using the ps3? (Sorry but i'm not very tech savvy...)
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    The New Features in NA/PAL

    I'm mostly excited for the new boss. After seeing that it looks just like xemnas, I'm interested in seeing if there will be a surprise cutscene after beating it
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread according to wikipedia, Willa Holland will in fact be voicing aqua, but then again, anybody can edit wikipedia. Just wanted everyone to know [Edit] It also says that Nimoy will be voicing MX...
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    Multiplayer Online?

    sorry for asking but im technologically challenged. How do u play online using the ps3? ( i haven't played yet so im confused)
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    Riku/vanitas connection theroy

    I think that the battle stance and suits are simply trademarks of darkness. Like how having yellow eyes means that you accepted darkness. So, I think that the suits/battle stances are simply coincidences
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    Kairi's style *spoiler*

    i'm guessing her style will be like aqua's
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    Why don't the characters age?

    i think that its because she was in the realm of darkness. look at ATW, he was in the RoD for who knows how long before kh2 and he didnt age. it might just be that being in the realm of darkness stops u from aging, but idk its just a guessc
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    Aqua's Keyblade

    It's just because if it had been any other keyblade, it would contradict/retcon KHII final mix+. and to to allister, their keyblades don't change, they just get new ones, just like sora in all other kh games
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    Please correct me if i'm wrong...

    yes. Way to the dawn was created somehow from the soul eater, but it hasn't really been explained how. it has only been stated that the soul eater became Way to the dawn
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    Now About Vantias...

    the unversed weren't around because they hadn't been thought of yet.
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    Sora and Castle Oblivion

    it might just be that only aqua can enter, since she created it, or it could be that she made it impossible to see by sealing it off.
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    Did Xehanort regain his memories?

    a retcon is when something that has already been proven is changed or altered so that it isn't true anymore. an example would be if xion was suddenly remembered, even though it was namine clearly said that it would be impossible for anyone to remember her after she died.
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    bbs keyblade question.

    No, u just get other keyblades, just like in all other kh games...
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    The Voice

    Ven hadn't even been thought of when kh1 was released. IT WAS CONFIRMED IN KH FINAL MIX THAT THE VOICE WAS MICKEY!!! IT WASN'T VEN!
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    Is BBS too easy?

    to do the shoot lock you have to hold both L and R