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  1. Rakushīnu

    Best commands?

    Yeah, Exo Spark only works well on heartless that are in the air. When you cast it, its goes over the head of heartless that are on the ground. Its the best electric magic to me. I like to have one of each class of magic in my deck, expect for aero.
  2. Rakushīnu

    Best commands?

    There are eight slots available in the command deck. Triple Pursuit is also one of my favorites. Other good commands are Magnege and Exo Spark.
  3. Rakushīnu

    Re:coded Trophies

    Re: coded Trophies Okay i did a level 1/0HP replay of the worlds to get Fatal Flawless and Technician Trophies. Got them this weekend. Then i was going to replay all the worlds on proud (already have the trophy) to get 100% for it. After i finished DI I go to look at the trophies and the...
  4. Rakushīnu

    We aren't getting 3D soon!

    BBS Final Mix and US release of RE:coded that's two games already.
  5. Rakushīnu

    Level 99 Roxas

    How many hours of game time did it take?
  6. Rakushīnu

    Time you've wast---spent on this game

    68:22:37 all playing the story haven't even go to the avatar menu.
  7. Rakushīnu

    Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix Platinum Edition

    Yeah i know what your talking about, did you read post?
  8. Rakushīnu

    Where are the other KH1 worlds

    I agree all the side stuff like getting all 30 trophies, score attacks, and side quest are fun and add plenty playtime. Then the avatar menu is a nice addition. But as far as the main story goes its short. By adding 2 or 3 more worlds SE could have prolonged the story. For the story getting...
  9. Rakushīnu

    Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix Platinum Edition

    The Platinum Final Mix just comes in a bigger box with extra items. Stickers, badges, a calendar and block figure of Sora. The art sleeve is all platinum instead of colorful like the regular FM. The game disc has different art than the regular FM.
  10. Rakushīnu

    Where are the other KH1 worlds

    Since SE remade coded for the DS do you think they should have added more worlds from KH1. Re:coded is one of the shortest KH titles released. When SE was making it for the DS maybe they should have expanded the story further by adding more worlds. In coded Jiminy's journal gets digitized. But...
  11. Rakushīnu

    Re:coded Trophies

    Re: coded Trophies Thanks, now i feel better about trying to get all 30.
  12. Rakushīnu

    Re:coded Trophies

    Re: coded Trophies After acquiring 20 trophies the secret movie is unlocked. Did that. Do you get anything after acquiring all 30 trophies?
  13. Rakushīnu

    Where can I get a copy of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Special Edition?

    Amazon.co.uk want ship the game to the states, that's what hes talking about.
  14. Rakushīnu

    Where can I get a copy of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Special Edition?

    http://www.game.co.uk Buy it from here if you want the Special edition?
  15. Rakushīnu

    Gamestop is selling the guide!

    Does the guide have a poster of foldout in the back?
  16. Rakushīnu

    Kingdom Hearts Leader Boards

    bitmob.com had an interview with FF XIII battle director Yuji Abe, about the game having an online leader boards. This got me thinking that it would be nice if future KH games had some sort of online leader board.
  17. Rakushīnu

    Ultima Weapon?

    There is a Ultimate Gear and Ultimate Gear+. Ultimate Gear Ultima Weapon
  18. Rakushīnu

    KH Manga & Novels

    When I saw dlppictures post about getting KH II Manga from amazon.co.jp, I was like why didn't I think of that. I had been wanting to get all the KH manga and novels. I had found a few sites that had like 6 to 8 of the manga and novels but didn't want to have to order from like four different...
  19. Rakushīnu

    NA release date?

    SE could announce the release date at GDC March 9-13.
  20. Rakushīnu

    Gamestop KH DS Kit

    We finally get something other than just the game! Gamestop.com - Buy DSi / DS Lite Kingdom Hearts Kit (PDP) - Nintendo DS