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    Mysterious Figure Info/Theory

    No Names Ansem=Names No Ansem Its a clue saying its not Ansem
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    Mysterious Figure Info/Theory

    I'm almost positive its Eraqus. He's the antithesis to Xemnas, the color of the blades, they way he holds them, his level of skill. All of the members of Org 13 controlled an element or a concept, his is time.
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    Guy With Two Blue Blades???

    I think it might just be Young Xehanort
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    (spoilers) Some questions that I have.

    Ven's heart was still inside of his body, just connected to Sora's heart. Think of it as a sort of life support. For some Reason Sora's heart has always been exceptionally strong, which is why he's the only one that can save everyone. After Vanitas was defeated Ven's heart was no longer...
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    Who is more epic

    I'll go with Terra damn 10char
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    If Sora had gone against MX

    Wasn't it stated by Nomura that Twilight Xemnas was the most powerful being in the Kingdom Hearts universe?
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    ven sora roxas questions

    Thats probably EXACTLY what happened. its a 99% probability.
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    Short theory for next games Plot

    I think the next game will be composed of two things plot-wise. 1. It'll detail Sora's journey to find Aqua, Ven, and Terra. And two this is the less obvious of the matter. I think the final chapter of Kingdom Hearts will show Sora, Riku, and Mickey, and possibly TAV as well, going back in...
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    ven sora roxas questions

    Look heres the basic breakdown. Sora= His full heart + Half of Ventus' heart Once Sora went Heartless his Nobody=Roxas+hald of Ventus' heart. Its impossible for Roxas to be Ven's nobody, since Ven's body is in the Champer of Awakening.
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    master eraqus

    Because he couldn't allow Master Xehanort to obtain the xBlade by any means, even if it meant killing Ventus himself. The xBlade was the cause of the Keyblade war after all. Eraqus thought it to be a worth sacrifice to eliminate Ventus, if it meant saving the worlds.
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    (Spoilers) Is it possible?

    I'm almost positive that Xehanort planned it all out. He probably assumed that if a complication occured when he fused with Terra, you know a side-effect risk, he probably already took into account that his memories would be lost, it was a calculated risk that he took into account, thus Braig.
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    Ven's fate

    You want the full scoop? Or just what happened in the end?
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    (Spoilers) Silver Headed Male

    I dont know the fact that he's wearing blue or I.E. a non threatening color gives doubt to him being Xehanort. He probably is just Terra and his hair is just silver because his body's hair was silver(Xemnas)
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    Anyone else happy that....

    I do and dont. The massive boss makes go "Holy shit I have to fight that!" it really displays the strengh of the characters, like when sora was casually cutting apart buildings against Xemnas. But the one on one duel with the other characters, made it feel more personal. You have one opponent...
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    (Spoiler) simple question

    2. They were floating around in nothingness once they destroyed the xBlade and Vanitas. Mickey came and rescued them and took them to Yen Sids tower.
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    Where Terra Aqua and Ven all meet each other

    Why did they take off the capes? Because it was just an early concept
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    AQUA'S KEYBLADE?(major spoilers)

    I'm gonna beat a dead horse, and say its master Eraqus' keyblade post count +1
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    (Spoilers) Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa?

    Re: Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa? Yeah Isa and Lea are simply traget whence compared to their Org. counterparts. I'm sure we'll see more of them in the future. With Axel joining the good guys, and Saix still misguidedly following Xehanort.
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    A few theories and questions.

    Wait so someone beat the Vanitas LS? What occured after defeating it?
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    A few theories and questions.

    Who was KH1's secret boss? Wasn't it Sephiroth? Unless you mean the final mix version in that case being Xemnas