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    another plothole

    It's because yes Terranort has lost his memories but we think his Nobody and Heartless may have had SOME fragments of them. Ansem SoD was obssessed with the darkness and KH (just like MX) Xemnas is also obsessed with KH but then if you've seen those scenes from RE:CoM (I think it's that game or...
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    Terra's conversation with Riku translated?

    Thank you again fishman :)
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    (Spoilers) Silver Headed Male

    In the KH series the clothes sort of do matter IMO. Just one? I've seen about 5 different things that everyone has been theorizing about this past week lol
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    People getting owned in bbs!

    Re: Guy get's owned Yeah opening chests in the middle of a fight sucks...I hate when you accidentally lock onto one and you open it not wanting to till after the enemies are gone >_< blah!
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    The Connection Between Riku and Master Xehanort (Spoilers)

    I agree with this theory I really do. Like you guys are saying Riku has mentioned that a boy has left the island before. Well we know why Sora is on "Destiny Islands"....it's named that for a reason and I'm beginning to wonder what Riku's destiny ending is going to be....Kairi I believe played...
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    People getting owned in bbs!

    Re: Guy get's owned I feel kind of sorry for him...I mean why didn't he heal...? o.O
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    Questions about Coded ....

    I don't know if this should be in the Spoilers section or not, but I just wanted help on understanding Coded. I know i can watch the "episodes" on youtube but I can't find any that are translated into English so I don't know what's going on. I know the main part, like the summary. I've read it...
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    Roxas in CO

    God BBS is just making all of us go back and play the games all over again so we can listen and watch every frickin thing said and done -.-;; It's just making us look at everyone and everything differently now. *sighs heavily*
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    Question about Aqua

    LOL I never really noticed that but yeah...that's the same way he looks 10+ years in KH2....he's the same older man with the yellow beard and hair he hasn't aged. But then why is it only Aqua and AtW...Riku was locked inside, behind the Door to Darkness at the end of KH1...and well he frickin...
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    ven sora roxas questions

    Emass I would seriously support your theory except for one thing though. Like you said at the end, look where the two of them were "born" if Roxas had been born in CO then i honestly would believe for that brief moment that Ven's heart returned to his body. but he was born in TT....so it just...
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    When he says Xehanort it's cuz his memories are gone. I'm not sure how they're gone, but after fighting Aqua he loses them. Have you seen when Terranort and Aqua faceoff in RG? If you saw the clip then you would get this ending a bit better. It explains why he has her armor next to him too. Plus...
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    LS Vanitas again

    I didn't even know anybody was confused, I thought when everyone found out about LS Vanitas they saw that yes all three characters can fight him, it's just EASIEST to get through Aqua rather than Ven or Terra. Thank you though for posting this and helping those who were confused :)
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    Damn you're right I never really even thought of that saying from KH1....o.O i completely forgot about it. That kind of makes sense in a way. Nomura did say you can't take the things that are said in the KH series "lightly"
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    A small theory/guess at Silver haired Male(kinda spolier?)

    to me it's just a picture of Ansem.....SoD....but yeah if people really look at it they'll see Terra in there. *shrugs* i guess better safe than sorry
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    Anyone else happy that....

    out of all the fights in KH1 this is one i will forever remember, beside Ursula (2nd time when she's big) he was the frickin hardest for me to beat. Hearing that darn cut scene over and over i had that thing memorized and could leave the room and come back just listening to the lines lol. My...
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    A small theory/guess at Silver haired Male(kinda spolier?)

    I thought the "rest" of Terra's heart is inside LS....i know his memories went into it, part of his memories so didn't the rest of him go in there too? or is that not the same thing?
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    CUTSCENES - stuff happens with aqua

    OMG Thank you!!! I have been looking for this scene everywhere!!! XD i couldn't for the life of me find any video of Aqua on DI!! Thanks!
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    ven sora roxas questions

    Namine is made up of Sora and Kairi, that's why she has special powers. She is a special Nobody born of special circumstances.
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    (Spoilers) Silver Headed Male

    I agree if you don't want to be spoiled why are you in the Spoilers section? XD and about the BHK please don't bring those memories up good god i remember the frenzy that happened when JUST A LITTLE bit of his face was revealed and all hell broke loose on her with talk and debate, though it was...
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    there is a thread here there's actually about 3 that i saw last night but they've been bumped so i would have to go look for them.