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    7 Wonders of Twilight Town

    shadows get bigger as you get closer to the light. as sora was getting to the end of his dream, his shadow or darkside got bigger.
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    Left Behind?

    wouldn't xion have been created when kairi shielded soras heartless? that is, if xion was a mixture of sora and kairi.
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    how will they get around?!!!

    wasnt there a thread on this topic a week ago?
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    Let's discuss the panel system!! (max lvl 24?)

    Hopefully an ingame tutorial (if there is one) will explain it all...
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    BBS And 358/2 Days In 100 Most Anticipated Games of 2009

    100 Most Anticipated Games of 2009 | GamesRadar BBS is no.46 Days is no.94 Enjoy!! Sorry if this has been posted before.
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    Screenshots of Re:com

    I've found some Re:CoM Screenshots and sorry if these have been posted before. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Screenshots, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Screen Shots, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories PS2 Screenshots | GamesRadar
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    358/2 Days Cut Scene Question

    I think the cutscenes will probably be similar to the Final Fantasy IV cutscenes. Major scenes with voice acting, minor scenes with word bubbles.
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    same for me but i trained i was till lvl 60
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    Massive BBS theory!!!

    You read my mind...(i never knew massive could be 5 or less lines!)
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    358/2 Days website & Japan release info

    I've been browsing the net and i found a KH 358/2 days website!! Here is a website with some info on it N4G.com : Rumor: Kingdom Hearts coming out this year in Japan And the website itself キングダム ハーツ - 358/2 Days - Sorry but the website is in Japanese and i hope i helped!
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    Birth by Sleep - Controls

    Does the battle continue while you are scrolling through the command decks? Why not do the pause thing that they do in Ratchet and Clank games where when you hold down triangle and the game pauses while you select your weapon/gadget? You could do that instead of looking for the right card while...
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    Sin or Cloverfeild Monster?

    FFX's Sin and The Cloverfeild Monster from Cloverfeild are two very alike giant monster things. They can destroy towns and citys within seconds. They both have human-sized monsters that fall off them when struck. But if Sin and Cloverfeild monster were to battle each other, Which would win...
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    who is the 14th member

    You know whatthe ULTIMATE disapointment would be? If the 14th was someone like Selphie from Destiny Islands or whatever her name is.
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    Cloud and Sephiroth

    Wouldn't it be strange if they fought for everybodies attention and went away to fight Terra? LOL!
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    When i was in Atlantica i just put my T.V on mute and put in the correct buttons shown. And i (and maybe alot more people) HATE the beserker nobodies! As soon as you start beating them up, they just shrink, become invincable for a short amount of time, and swing their weapons around like they...
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    The ending a tearjerker?

    Yeah i was thinking how their eyes got so big!They must of used eye drops or something!
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    Which boss was most Hard/annoying

    Demyx and his water-clone-killing-frenzy mini games were annoying. Just because of that i stopped playing Kingdon Hearts for a while and then i started to play it again and kept losing to him. Then i finally beat him once i reached lvl 43. Demyx=The most annoying kh2 boss!
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    What is That Thing?

    At the Beginning of Kingdom Hearts when Sora is talking to Kairi he gets hit in the head by something. What do you think hit him?
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    What is its name?

    What about Naughts Twilight? That was the name of a part of it when i was playing it today
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    BBS/KH2 Final Mix Secret ending thoughts

    There as been alot of talk about BBS and the KH2 Final Mix Secret ending. I have a lot of ideas that make sense when you think about them. To start off i think MX is just Xehanort, the same one that ansem the wise found on radiant garden. AtW said that Xehanort had lost his memory, which may...