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  1. Caity

    Where are you buying your copy?

    I already preordered mine online from a retail company in my town, GAME.
  2. Caity

    Is anyone else wondering why they're bothering to HD-ify coded?

    Probably since some fans haven't bothered with it they wan to make sure they get the full story. I personally thought both Coded and DDD cutscenes should be made into the remix so you have all the games on one console before KH3. I think part of the reason would be because there's so little...
  3. Caity

    Where will you start with 2.5?

    KH2FM, if BBS HD was released before it I would have started with that to continue in chronological order, but since I'll have gone in order from 1.5 I might as well continue in order. I'm also looking forward to KH2FM more.
  4. Caity

    Will 2.5 include BBSV2?

    I think it's more likely to be created as a conus disc after, probably for a complete MX collection they may try to release before starting the new saga. Far as I know they're not making any more "side" games between now and KH3 because they're trying to win back fans who got annoed with all...
  5. Caity

    What are you most excited for in 2.5?

    Getting to play the FM edition of KH2. The amount of content added is unbelievable.