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    Mysterious Figure, who could it be?

    probably scrooge's buisness parnter in the very chic black coat industry or the original nobody who showed xemnas the ropes.
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    What struck you as odd?..

    What I do not get is if you do the first part of monstro with riku and then come back after he is posessed and goes to the EOTW. He is still there with pinnocio? I mean why would ansem want to be in the stomach of a giant whale with a wooden puppet. To top that off he doesnt say a thing he just...
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    Is BBS too easy?

    TIme to get me a psp! If only to play bbs. Its gonna suck when i have to buy a ps3 for the next game...
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    yensid and his book?

    What was with that book he made you read in his tower I did not understand a word of it?
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    One thing I really hated about KHII related to the Heartless

    The least intimidating boss fight in kh2 was definitley those two fat wizard heartless.
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    I think that the nobodies were vastly misunderstood. I mean its understandable why sora thrashed the heartless, but why was he so intent on killing the organization. It\s pure Xenophobia if you ask me. I think the way demyx reacted when sora and company said he didnt have a heart was pretty...
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    Saix's spot

    Saix probably had some dusks move the furniture before sora and company arrived, think of how much he would have mangled all of that stuff in his berserker mode. Or what if he acidently tripped. (not the most flattering move)
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    the world that never was

    you get to see even less of the WTNW then you see in kh2, but overall the game is good. Basically it is like a portable version of what you would normally expect of a kh game. Little repetitive and sluggish with the storyline other than that no complaints.
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    was the chamber of wakening the room where Marluxia goes all uber?
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    Quick Q and A what are the rooms the Saix asks Axel to find and why does xemnas need them?
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    Lets Discuss Marluxia (SPOILERS)

    Flower Power all the way! What really made him a badass was the the opening video of Kh2. Gotta admit though Final boss in Com looked way too much like some kind of tropical bird.
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    Were Ansem Seeker Of Darkness and Xemnas on the same side, or...

    man how awsome would that be Xemnas dukes it out with Ansem SOD i can imagine it perfectly. ---Fool kingdom Hearts is mine! ---No Its MINE! Fighting over it like two little kids my money is on Ansem Darkness>Nothing
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    Roxas Did Have a Heart, even though he's a nobody

    From what was implied in days im pretty sure that roxas can feel real emotions ergo he has a heart.
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    Wtf, Xemnas?

    it is a good question but really somthing only Nomura could answer. Ive always kind of wondered what was with the organizations weapons. I think it probably has somthing to do with what kind of people they were before they became nobodies. My best guess is that the weapoms like their weilders...
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    How exactly does kingdom hearts come to be?

    Alright so it was already established in the first game that when somebody dies their heart goes to kindom hearts. It is also supposed to be the heart of all worlds. my question is How does Xenorts heartless wanting to corruptthe hearts of all the differentworlds relate to finding kingdom...