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    KHIIFM+ true or false

    well it there might be a cheat for it but its possible without it in fm+ the door is just open in fm+
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    wel i think it was said in the kh manga thing that it was in this order : 1:xemnas 2:xaldin 3:roxas 4:saix 5:marluxia or something in that order im pretty sure about the first 3
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    Song:I m not going down

    does anyone know where to find this song ? i tryed every way i know , still nothing :( it plays in beyblade eps 27 and 52 and another and german version YouTube - I'm not going down= i want the english one :( i think its by jonathan evans its so rare :( please help
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    can t play games anymore :(

    something is wrong with my computer... each time i try to start a game i get an error message of some kind and saying windows needs to shut it down , and with aoe 3 it says : the minimum req = 64 mb of video card ram (i have 128) and it says i don t meet them. and most games just shut down ...
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    Ichi needs help (proxy)

    well i got an email from him , and well see for yourself. Bad news, KHI is completely blocked from my workplace now. I need a proxy to use that isn’t blocked from here either. I know that Suteki Midori knows a lot of them. If you could, can you ask them for the biggest list they can muster...
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    project offset''ps3''

    wel just read ^^ Project Offset Preview for PlayStation 3 sounds pretty interesting
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    I made sea salt ice-cream =D

    yummy i want some 2^^ if i need help can i ask you for help ?? or mabye dogenzaka if he figured it out by then :)(completely i mean)
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    Whatever happened to Yen Sid?

    yeah i always wondered where he went when i came back >.>
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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ FAQ

    well ranginf rom 11(larxene) bars to 16(xaldin ) look at this guys videos >>YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
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    Billy Zane

    Well i like billys voice more 2.its darker and deeper its just ansem (heartless xehanort) btw ^ i don t think they will do that , americans (and others)are known to be less open to those experiences(means lower sales), though it is possible they will.
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    Limit Form Info

    okat i was interested 2 , though i already expected it to be with limits, but still thx
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    Anime Kiba + Discussion

    Kiba's main character is Zed, a 15-year-old boy who lives in a place called "Calm". He is frustrated by his current situation in life and feels that somewhere out there is a place where he can live more fully. One day, at the invitation of a mysterious wind, Zed dives into a space-time crevasse...
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    What did you think of

    yeah he seemed stiff , after controlling sora with high jumping and al those skills it was annoying when jumping as riku and stuff >.<
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    Is Traverse Town crap music?

    i liked it >.< though it could be annoying if you would hear it 1209 times >.<but wheni heard it again in com it gave me a nice feeling :P
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    ^^ yeah except if your heart is stronger or if you are already a keyblade master ""jack sparrow and leon could not use it"" riku got the kb from sora for a while(not really stealing) riku used the oblivion from roxas sora can take over roxas his keyblades (though the reason for that can be...
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    Please don't get mad at me

    yeah we need it nomura :( but it would be annoying to see scenes of fm+ like the knight battle which we didn t even get just like the unkown memorie flashback in kh2
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    about limit form

    mmmm mabye its like the summons ? or worlds or just exp mmm using limits sounds 2 easy and fun ^^
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    Riku vs Roxas!

    riku vs roxas 2 fight full YouTube - KH2 - Final Mix: Riku Vs. Roxas (English Subs) title says it all ^^
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    What new part do really want to do in KH2FM

    the roxas and es battle and then the org ones