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    Bright Crest Keyblade?

    Actually it is. Clear Last Episode, reload regular Aqua save, get Void Gear and No Name, beat regular file again, start new Last Episode data, and you carry over Void Gear and No Name, and then get Bright Crest, then you get all of them.
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    Is the JP BBS harder?

    NA was more balanced. Bosses can't stunlock you as easy, can be stunned themselves and many of the deck commands allow you take damage but still get the attack to go off rather than cancelling it. Many of the bosses had predictable constant patterns in JP that were altered to be a bit more...
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    Scene after final fight with MX/Terra as Aqua

    Xehanort locked it. Not Terra. This is clear in the original JP version where the line before the locking is said is Xehanort's speaking style (Terra uses rougher speech and a different personal pronoun than Xehanort does)
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    Terra the Keyblade Master?

    Nomura confirmed that Xehanort was just trying to flatter him and that despite what he says only Eraqus can dub him Master. He didn't explain why and it honestly makes no sense, since evil or not, until he reveals himself Xehanort is equally ranked with Eraqus and he also accepted Terra as his...
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    Anyone else think Sora pales in comparison to TAV?

    Pretty much yeah. I now follow the series for TAV to see whatever becomes of them. Sora can dive under a tractor for all I care. He's too boring and normal.
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    Birth by Sleep Final Mix TGS Info (Will have BRAND NEW content, January 2011)

    No actually it won't. And this isn't something Disney will mind since it's DD they mind, but not DLC. I think it depends on the extra chapter. If it's english dubbed, DLC is likely as Disney won't like hiring the VAs back for something the US won't see.
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    BBSFM mirage arena has a MONSTRO stage + ventus new keyblade + other general info

    It's indeed possible we could see the new chapter, arena stage, and possibly even boss as DLC. Unlikely, but possible. This is the first time they can't really pull the "US players are cheap bastards" excuse. The biggest thing that might point to this is if there is indeed an extra chapter, and...
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    Final Mix to include "Secret Episode"

    Unless they are going to program a brand new character, it's probably post game stuff with Aqua.
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    A Possibility for a FM internationaly..?

    You know on 2nd thought I'm just gonna bring my US BBS back to the store or trade it in, and wait for FM. I've only complete one story so far, no point in finishing in and getting used to X as attack again. I guess at this point I just shouldn't bother with english releases anymore.
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    A Possibility for a FM internationaly..?

    I did actually. I would have been satisifed with nothing new. Because then we all would have been seen as equal and have gotten the same game. I feared that new stuff would mean a final mix and I was hoping SE would be reasonable and only make it the US exclusive stuff. But clearly that was not...
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    A Possibility for a FM internationaly..?

    I wouldn't want a US FM either. What ever happened to a game being done at release time, and the US release only having english text and dialouge? God it's bad enough the FMs pissed off all my real life KH fans enough that they don't care about it anymore. This series is becoming too much of a...
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    A Possibility for a FM internationaly..?

    I'm seriously just debating dropping KH and hoping SE goes under. I'm not interested in being considered a 2nd class consumer, in fact I'm outright insulted by this. Nor do I want to pay 70 dollars to spend days playing through TAV's stories a 3rd freaking time to finally get to the new stuff...
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    New Deck Commands and New Unversed?

    There are a few new deck commands. However they are arena based only.
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    Question about a Terra Scene (Possibly MAJOR spoilers)

    Except that's not possible according to the new Keyblade rules.
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread You know what? Screw the KH original character VAs. Alan Young as Scrooge again simply made my day. The man is like 95 and can still pull it off.
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    sora's keyblade?

    Note that the sucession gives someone the actual power to wield any Keyblade (provided the Keyblade's chosen master doesn't object and call it to them) as Aqua senses it in Riku and the journal entry of Riku in BBS states he was granted the "power of the keyblade" which is why Kairi could use a...
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    MX Xehanort and Ven

    The MX reports make him come off as a much nicer guy than how he actually acts in game. I've no idea what this is supposed to mean since there's no reason for him to decieve anyone with the reports since they were mean for his eyes only. So, maybe it's supposed to mean something, or maybe not.
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    Terra Dual Wield?

    Nomura said that he didn't take Xion's Keyblade. Rather the strong emotions he felt when Xion died reawakened Ven's Keyblade in his heart. So he uses Sora's and Ven's Keyblade's when dual wielding.
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    Xenin with an official retraction

    You might as well. According to Nomura, if there is a BBSFM it will just be the US version retranslated to Japanese. He doesn't have the time or want to make a grand rerelease like with KH2 FM.
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    Terra Dual Wield?

    No he held it. He could tell it was a fake despite Xion's protests to the contrary. Xion didn't use Sora's Keyblade. Roxas did. Xion just held a memory copy of it, which functioned exactly like a keyblade except it wasn't one.