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  1. jmk91790

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Countdown [we need YOU!]

    i'm getting right to work on a drawling
  2. jmk91790

    need help finding items

    these are a list of tems i need help finding: -twilight shard -twilight stone -twilght gem -twilight crystal -dense gem -power stone -frost crystal -dense crystal -power crystal -dence stone -dence shard -blazing shard -frost stone -lucid stone -lucid shard -lightnig stone -dark gem
  3. jmk91790

    favorite anime characters

    favrite anime charcters These are mine: 1-Naruto- Kakashi, Kimaro, Kabuto, Rock Lee, Jiraya, Itachi, and Kisame 2-One Piece- Zolo, Sanji,and Eneru 3-Dragonball Z- Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Gotenks, and Gogeta 4-Yu-gi-oh- Joey 5-Trigun- Vash and Wolfwood 6-Black Blood Brothers- Jiro...
  4. jmk91790

    how good is it?

    how good is it? And douse any one know anything about an USA relese
  5. jmk91790

    Clouds Sword

    clounds sword is cool!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:
  6. jmk91790

    X won't work at the Snow White Platform

    I agree with him :thumbup:
  7. jmk91790

    Cloud and Sephiroth

    any theroys on what happened to them?:confused:
  8. jmk91790

    Opinion on Demyx

    I hate him and his anoying:cursing:
  9. jmk91790

    Which boss was most Hard/annoying

    Well for me Luxord, Xaldin, and Demyx were the hardist. MY favarite battle is the last battle with Xemas and the last battle with Axel as Roxas.