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  1. Vayne Mechanics

    where am i what am i doing

    holy shit is there anyone that posts here that i still know jesus christ i think i saw ty still active i think idk whatever i draw better than i used to or something here are things i draw (*omg improvement*) *warning* *warning* MOST RECENT ONES ARE FIRST, OLDER ONES...
  2. Vayne Mechanics

    I'm so bad at this

    Illustrator assignment for class. Still a WIP but pretty much 95% done. Just need to add details. I'm so bad at Illustrator lol.
  3. Vayne Mechanics

    Welcome to the Great DravenFaqs Draven Battles IX!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxjSsINiVB0 Poll of the Day - Character Battle IX: Final - Draven vs. Solid Snake vs. Samus - GameFAQs
  4. Vayne Mechanics

    thnx u basedgod!!!!!!!!!

    Instead of making multiple threads like I always do, I think I'll start archiving some into a single thread. Anyway, first submission is still a WIP: Approximately 6-8 hours so far? Original canvas size is about 2500x1090, which I might increase after I get the colours and values I want.
  5. Vayne Mechanics

    If you wanna be gay or something like me you should read this thread.

    Last time I did this, it was with the lineart for this drawing: - http://kouji-han.deviantart.com/art/uguu-lee-202334223?q=gallery%3Akouji-han%2F408035&qo=3 So if you're interested in trying your hand out at colouring, then I'm here with another set of lineart. This time it features Istvan and...
  6. Vayne Mechanics

    Istvan the Deranged feat. his loyal "kitten", Winston

    Well he thinks it's a kitten anyway. Also: So feel free to use it if you want to practice colouring.
  7. Vayne Mechanics

    what time is it?

    marceline time http://kouji-han.deviantart.com/art/Marceline-Abadeer-Adventure-Time-363636701?ga_submit_new=10%253A1365160601
  8. Vayne Mechanics

    idk what i wanna do with this

    well sorta. i know i wanna add a bag/backpack of some sort and have her sitting on a bench/log. IDEARS GUYS?????????? -------------------------------------------------------- IT'S OK GUYS I FINISHED THE SKETCH Decided to turn it into Lara Croft fanart 8D
  9. Vayne Mechanics

    War Thunder

    Get this shit so we can do gay KHI 10v10 airplane fights and blow each other up.
  10. Vayne Mechanics

    i'm bad at this thing

    WIP Finished version: http://kouji-han.deviantart.com/art/PreSeason-3-Art-Throwdown-Lee-Sin-the-Blind-Monk-353057134
  11. Vayne Mechanics

    The Multiverse

    Was reading Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku today on the subway on the way to pick up some weed. Had the idea to make a poster for it... sorta. Idk I suck at this stuff. V1: V2, as per Dan's suggestions: V3, adding on Pablo's suggestions:
  12. Vayne Mechanics

    league de gay

    Recently, a League team qualified for a tournament and they needed a logo if they wanted to attend. They ended up holding a contest which ends today in 9 hours, and I just finished these. Haven't done anything like this in ages, not to mention touch Photoshop itself so it took me a few hours to...
  13. Vayne Mechanics

    Help/Support ► Requiring help in a personal matter.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLDsknkXEOc show me ur a-game (seriously)
  14. Vayne Mechanics

    Help/Support ► Requiring help in a personal matter.

    just do it doodily. if you don't you'll die forever. even if you eat rejection, take pride in the fact that you were baller enough to let her know how you feel. go in prepared to do your best, but expect the worst. rejection ain't shit.
  15. Vayne Mechanics

    I haven't done this in a while

    using my tablet again was a lot harder than i thought it'd be not sure if i should attempt to colour this or not hmmmmmmmmmm HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM riven does hella damage lvl3
  16. Vayne Mechanics

    watch out guys celtis is a pirate

    parleyyyyyyyy to you too sir
  17. Vayne Mechanics

    what can you never do to a sylvari girlfriend?

    Deflower her Drew this in class. Still in class, so I used my phone to take the photo.
  18. Vayne Mechanics

    Introducing the Official KHInsiders Sings YouTube Channel!

    ~KHInsider Sings~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAPeMPuy1Fc As you all know, the KHInsider Sings project was something I started about a year or so ago. Members across the forum signed up to partake in a group singing activity where their talents would be showcased for all to see...
  19. Vayne Mechanics

    i draw gay things

  20. Vayne Mechanics


    indeed c: