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    Who's Your Favorite Character in Mission Mode?

    Lexaeus. Slap Pandora Gear and 4 power units and you have the strongest character in mission mode.
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    Who's Your Favorite Character in Mission Mode?

    Xigbar. Even though he's weak as hell, I still find him fun to use.
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    Ice Cream =/= Popsicles

    You thought the original one sounded good? >_>
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    NEW SCAN! Minigame World Confirmed!

    You call THIS white..?
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    KH BbS Website Update! Worlds + BbS PSP

    Okay, they fucked up bad.
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    KH BbS Website Update! Worlds + BbS PSP

    Meh, the letter Z is right next to X, so it's most likely a typo.
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    Just battled you-know-who

    Well, he did have Ansem SoD in him...
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    Sora Vs. Roxas

    Sora is a human. Roxas is a nobody. (Yes, I deliberately didn't put the capital N.) Sora is obviously the better main character.
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    Just battled you-know-who

    Re: Just killed Xion The title itself is a spoiler. Well done.
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    things on kh2 you could not believe

    Yeah, like we can all tell sarcasm through the internet.
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    things on kh2 you could not believe

    Great, might as well complain about Donald and Goofy then.
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    Things you Like/Disliked about 358/2 days

    When the dialog text box thingy pops up everytime they talk, you can see their face and they have different expressions. Not the actual animation though.
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    Axel's face

    Meh, he looks more like a lion than a cat, with his long hair.
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    what did you most like about kh2

    I only like the forms because they look good. They made the game easy though. Thing I liked most would probably be the music.
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    It sucks

    Literally. CnC plox.
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    The chicken!? Or the egg!?
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    Omg Xion referenced in SARs?

    Which game/whatever was this in? =3
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    7 Wonders of Twilight Town

    Unless you're talking about the Darkside. Which was just a test on wielding the Keyblade. (Or some shit like that) And for the Twilight Town thing, most likely its Symbolism
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    Gotta get this outta mah head...

    She's not god.