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  1. Tyrant Raver

    Doing well. I hope you too, Kitty.

    Doing well. I hope you too, Kitty.
  2. Tyrant Raver

    Unfortunately either I'm still working on it or I'm at a dead end. Tried to get back to rp'ing...

    Unfortunately either I'm still working on it or I'm at a dead end. Tried to get back to rp'ing, no one seemed interested nor want to take me in. The medium hasn't been kind to me for almost a decade now and I'm starting to bum out.
  3. Tyrant Raver

    Any oldies around?

    I may have retired, but I do still look and read the RP forums. Shame it's not as bustling as it was. I do miss those days.
  4. Tyrant Raver

    Just droppin' by for nostalgia's sake can't believe it been 15 years. I was but a naive teenager...

    Just droppin' by for nostalgia's sake can't believe it been 15 years. I was but a naive teenager when I started here, now here I am, a family man living by the countryside.
  5. Tyrant Raver

    Well I guess that's it then...

    Hey all again. For those who have stuck with me, you may remember a few years back that I announced my "retirement" but not exactly. That was just retirement for the RP section. But now, I think it's high time for me to just pack up and leave. Reason being, I just don't feel that fulfilled...
  6. Tyrant Raver

    Advice/Help ► Any other writing outlets and/or websites do you guys recommend?

    It's not fanfiction though, I'm not sure if Fanfiction.net would even have hits on original stories. I believe that also goes the same with AO3. But Tumblr, I haven't had much luck, unless you can recommend an active group.
  7. Tyrant Raver

    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    I don't know if anyone said this already, but aesthetic-wise, Inteleon is the single most disappointing final starter evolution. Sobble deserved better, the fan evolutions were much more appealing than the actual evolution itself. How did you even went from precious, baby, must-protect baby...
  8. Tyrant Raver

    Advice/Help ► Any other writing outlets and/or websites do you guys recommend?

    The few times I have been posting and forum overhauls, it always messes up the formatting of my stories. I'm getting mighty tired of it, spent hundreds of hours editing and formatting, only to be messed up in a jumbled mess. And although I have been getting views on my story, the lack of...
  9. Tyrant Raver

    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    I really don't care for Persona 5. I kinda feel like it's struggling with its identity. In a way that it wants to be taken seriously like Persona 3, but at the same time wants to be quirky like Persona 4. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the Jazz shindig it had going but... it kinda feels--I...
  10. Tyrant Raver

    [ Alteisen / Records ] Legends of Avalonia Prologue

    Official Summer Writing Prompt Entry: Myths/Legends -------------------------------- Prologue Upon the precipice of the world's end, at the vast floating land of Atra, a fierce battle between the last Bahamut or dragon of gods and a lone figure ravaged the entire heavens with their fearsome...
  11. Tyrant Raver

    [ Hence / Hereafter ]

    Hello everyone! Tyrant Raver back again with some stories to share. [ Hence / Hereafter ] will be an episodic epilogue of my main story [ Astonished / Amazed ] set 1000 years after the main AND side storylines. This title will also feature easter eggs from the main story. Without getting...
  12. Tyrant Raver

    Digital Media ► [ Astonished / Amazed ] Art and Visual Novel Project Thread

    Hello everyone in the Creative Media. Well as you all know, I have been all about my story, [ Astonished / Amazed ]. Either designing character arts related to the material and some pin-ups and promo images. So, I decided to make a separate thread for it. All entries related to my story, will...
  13. Tyrant Raver

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Mythologies: Ecia Frontier

    Long ago before the conception of time… Five omnipotent beings inhabit the the almighty sea of the cosmic horizon, debating for countless eternities on how will the universe will flourish. Throwing concept after concept, creation after destruction; with their power, countless universes have...
  14. Tyrant Raver

    Help/Support ► Image Hosting sites. Trying to help everyone in this case.

    Oh yah, just look at my Art Thread, Photobucket freaking ruined the entirety of my posted pics. Good thing I have Pinterest as my back-up.
  15. Tyrant Raver

    "Genealogy Of Eternal Tyranny Intricate Allusions"

    Prologue Since the dawn of the cosmos and all of creation, Light and Darkness, Good and Evil has faced each other with fierce enmity. Neither winning nor losing, these almighty forces wage an endless war in titanic stalemates. It is through their eternal struggle, the Equilibrium was given...
  16. Tyrant Raver

    Fanfiction ► Fairy Fencer: Celestial Advent

    Oh goodness, Fang and Eryn's character is spot on, lol. Interesting, so new characters eh? I think I recognize that Dragon and Massive sword somewhere, lol. Color me surprised and curious. Looking forward for more chapters. :)
  17. Tyrant Raver

    Astonished / Amazed: Walter and Her

    Note: Hey all! Know it's just been a while did I just release a new chapter for Astonished/Amazed. But I decided to write this out of imaginative drive, just two-shot story that takes place some time AFTER the main story. A Gaiden or side story, or maybe even part of an epilogue, between the...
  18. Tyrant Raver

    [ AstonisheD / AmazeD ]

    Author's Note: Hello again, I have been gone for quite awhile since the last chapter of Alteisen Record: The Other Side. Here I am again with a new title! But what about the previous title? Fret not! I'm 70% done with the new chapter and no it's not dead yet. Alt will still continue his...
  19. Tyrant Raver

    9 years now and well...

    Well everybody here is posting their intro's here in this forum. Well not exactly an intro but an announcement. To start off, (Yes, ain't no time for a flashy introduction, so let's keep it simple) Hi I'm Tyrant Raver, formerly KurtZisa or KZ. I first joined here in KHI in October 3, 2006. I...