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  1. Stark

    Which CoM orginazation member do you think is coolest

    Yeah Zexion definitely takes the vote for coolest in CoM only because he has a book to do what he wants. Other then that Marluxia was kinda cool to.
  2. Stark

    sephiroth proud mode

    I say you lvl your ass off until you can kill him like he was on easy mode. Best bet, but if you do take the griever's approach im sure their will be some tears being shed :toungesmile:
  3. Stark

    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep So Far

    I would have ton say the last one. For some reason goldenrod looks good.
  4. Stark

    New Rpg

    Hey im looking for a new rpg game to play. I have some but not to many and i want to play something wihile im waiting to play COD4 online.
  5. Stark

    my theory

    Ok welll i have a few theories and not sure they are correct but plz no disrespectful comments keep it cool Ok 1st i go wit alot of ppl on tis sayin the bald guy is Xenhaort ok 2nd i think the 3 ppl at the end i forgot their names may be either ancesetors of riku kairi and sora I think the one...
  6. Stark


    Im a little confused right now I been beat the game but just went back to read the secret ansem reports Ansem said he had 6 apprentices tat all betrayed him and became the core of Orginazation XII right. If Xenahort was one who were the other 5 Also if we only fought there nobodie side where are...