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  1. kingdomkey96

    Help/Support ► Tough education/job/life related decisions.

    Thanks for all the new responses guys. There are a lot of different opinions here that I'll definitely think about. Luckily I still have time before I need to decide so for now I'll just keep my grades up and continue doing research, emailing some people, etc.
  2. kingdomkey96

    Help/Support ► Tough education/job/life related decisions.

    @Wehrmacht Thanks, I feel as if I needed to hear that. For the most part I agree with you and can totally see myself drowned in law papers, hating every minute of it-wondering what's the point. I feel as though with something more science driven I'd be able to motivate myself a lot better...
  3. kingdomkey96

    Help/Support ► Tough education/job/life related decisions.

    Recently, it occurred to me that I have to make a ton of important decisions in the coming year. Basically in my country's school system, in a year I'm going to have to choose the 3 subjects I'd like to study. I'm very interested in Math and Science so I've been thinking about choosing...
  4. kingdomkey96

    Freakin' spoilers

    Dammit the spoilers section for DDD is so tempting. I clicked on something for giggles and ruined a massive surprise. Urgh. fuck fuck fuck
  5. kingdomkey96

    Evolution In Hinduism?

    A while ago I (as a Hindu) came across the fact that evolution can be seen in the avatars of Lord Vishnu. From Wikipedia: So what do you all think? Coincidence? How would ancient Hindus have figured out such a thing? Thoughts? PS. This isn't about 'the gods of Hinduism being real', quite the...
  6. kingdomkey96


    I'm preparing for an 'essay exam' tomorrow by going through the role playing section. :biggrin:
  7. kingdomkey96

    CoM not int the top 10?

    What do you define as mediocre on a 1-10 scale? (PS. I'm not a blind KH fan, I just would like to know what kind of quality, in terms of critical reviews atleast, people are thinking of when they say 'KHX' was baaaaaaad)
  8. kingdomkey96

    CoM not int the top 10?

    You're kidding right? The critics seem to think the games are more decent than lots of fans do. Just because a game isn't given 9/10 doesn't mean it's not good. Pretty sure KH1 is in the top ten games for the PS2 in quite a few lists, definitely in the top 100.
  9. kingdomkey96

    I have been given the mark

    Yay I've finally reached premium!!! Loving the red letters :D (My attempt at a brief but somewhat emotional reflection) : Started a while back.....think I didn't spam at all after reaching 100 posts. Made some cool friends, met some chill people....got into like.....2 arguments? My love for KH...
  10. kingdomkey96

    Random Facebook Comments

    So I'm making this thread where you post the retarded/funny/insane/plain stupid things people post on facebook. Context does not matter XD I'll start us off 1)"a preacher told my mom that god isnt against homosexual rights...read ur bible principal of the theological college -.- gay rights are...
  11. kingdomkey96

    A masterpiece for the ages

    It takes a lot for a cartoon to impress me. However, the great political satire in this particular video is undeniable. The ever present, underlying message that human nature is the source of our problems is both something to be celebrated and mourned. Without further ado I give you: Lumpy cuts...
  12. kingdomkey96

    Life itself is nothing but an illusion.

  13. kingdomkey96

    Help/Support ► F-cking Injustice

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zxCLbPncGk&feature=player_detailpage Not sure if this video is badass or retarded...
  14. kingdomkey96

    Help/Support ► Is my PS3 spoiled?

    No you gave great help. I'm less confused now (still confused but less so XD). I'll try some of the stuff you said and if it does't work I'll cross my fingers and hope to get it fixed. :) *optimistic smile* EDIT:Okay, it turns out that I CAN turn off my PS3 by pressing the button infront...
  15. kingdomkey96

    Help/Support ► Is my PS3 spoiled?

    I know...Reading what the YLOD does makes me think that it happened just without the light as you said. I'll try what you said and maybe carry it to get it fixed. If the guy says he can not do it I'll just try to get straight A's next semester and hope my parents re buy me one. Oh...
  16. kingdomkey96

    Help/Support ► Is my PS3 spoiled?

    Thing is, I've tried doing that but it just beeps after a few seconds and stays green. Also all of a sudden I can't eject out my disks anymore (I was doing that just in case to see if it was a disk problem. Realising it wasn't, I wanted to take the disk out entirely but now it won't come out)...
  17. kingdomkey96

    Help/Support ► Is my PS3 spoiled?

    So basically I've always turned my ps3 off the 'wrong way.' (hitting switch at the back) Only recently have I started doing it the 'right way.'(touching the button up front first) Anyways there was a power outage recently that happened while my PS3 was on. When the power came back on, the...
  18. kingdomkey96


    Well this is just a guess, but to me it seems like he's joking. I hope
  19. kingdomkey96

    I've come to the realisation that.....

    .....life DOES continue after Harry Potter. What the hell? This is not what I was told.
  20. kingdomkey96

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Has that been confirmed to be before the final events? I don't think so... Also I may be wrong but I don't think the fight has been strictly confirmed as canon. Atleast not in the 'she randomly fights him' way. Maybe I'm not in this section enough and missed an interview or sumthin'.