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  1. Vani

    The darknesses.

    Im pretty sure those were more of an illusion to mind kupo Sora even more. They all had the same body shape.
  2. Vani

    The plot.

    I'm really not sure what to think. I think the plot has potential to be something interesting but only if handled correctly.
  3. Vani

    I think it's time this was brought up again

    LS is pretty much memories and feelings bottled up in Terra's armor. A sentiment to Terra's existence. I don't think there's much else to it than that. Namine is still a huge mystery. I had a theory that she was a sentiment as well, in this case of the memories Sora and Kairi felt for each...
  4. Vani

    Keyblades=practical weapons?

    TsszctZzta4 or buildings
  5. Vani

    So about that...

    Maybe we'll get to fight some of them on other worlds to "strengthen" the 7 lights like Vanitas did with Ven. But like others have said, it'll probably be BBS esque final battles in Keyblade Graveyard. Maybe at the end MX realizes his plan to form the X-Blade failed and he takes Sora on one on...
  6. Vani

    "Sometimes I wake; I see them reaching out for you"

    Lol this was probably because she was falling but still, ^.^
  7. Vani

    Organization 13

    They're more of an Amber ish color (and DiZ and Ansem have the same eyes btw). I think it was said he has that because he used Darkness but heck, I don't even know anymore. I guess it'd make sense that he'd be one, but what would he do? Build more virtual worlds? He can't really fight.
  8. Vani

    Organization 13

    I'm pretty sure its implied that she's a wielder. Especially since Yen Sid directly states that he summoned her because he knows she can wield.
  9. Vani

    Lea Discussion

    I don't think any of them really know WHERE their Keyblades came from, just that they where chosen by it.
  10. Vani

    The explanation of nobodies

    Its not necessarily "Nobodies had hearts the whole time," it's more like strong Nobodies (Axel, Roxas, etc.) can grow their own heart and become their own person.
  11. Vani

    Brown Hooded Figure on Destiny Islands...

    :cough: paradox :cough:
  12. Vani

    Brown Hooded Figure on Destiny Islands...

    That's Ansem SoD. He traveled back in time to convince Young Master Xehanort to travel to new worlds and start the Xehanortification project.
  13. Vani

    2nd Secret Boss?

    I think it's kinda neat. Brings in a little childish charm to the dark game. Hope its some sort of side quest or something.
  14. Vani

    Question about YMX

    When Sora's heart or whatever fell to darkness, it took the shape of nightmare armor Ventus. That's why when Riku went into Sora's heart to wake him up, that's who he encountered. After the battle, the armor shatters and its revealed to be Sora inside.
  15. Vani

    Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending + Secret Ending

    Yeah I think Larxene should come back too. I think the Kairi's inner Namine deserves to beat the crap out of her and Marluxia for what happened in CoM.
  16. Vani

    What does Xehanort plan remind you of?..

    Originally, Xehanort was planning on turning Organization XIII into Xehanorts. It didn't work, however, as some where weak (Vexen, Zexion, etc.) and some where traitors (Marluxia, Larxene, Roxas, Axel). So after they where all defeated, whoever was still loyal to Xehanort just went back to him...
  17. Vani

    Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending + Secret Ending

    That seems kinda inhuman/barbaric. The only time someone has harbored another person's heart was when it was absolutely necessary or it had nowhere else to go. But taking and manipulating someone else's heart for your own personal reasons (even if it'd be for good reasons in this case) just...
  18. Vani

    So we know YMX's Identity!... Or maybe not...

    Who said he's gonna overtake Xehanort in terms of the bigger villain? If anything, Xehanort Taking over Vanitas's body only makes him more villainous, in my opinion.
  19. Vani

    Lea Discussion

    Isa? Yeah. He appeared close to the end trying to stop Lea from saving Sora. kPhN5rxbSmw&feature=related Starts at about 1:30
  20. Vani

    Lea Discussion

    I sense a tragic story coming our way (maybe Lea becomes the one that has to take him down?)