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    Fanfiction ► After The Rain [KH1]

    THIS LACK OF UPDATE WAS SO NOT MY FAULT. My computer died. ._. --&&-- The shadows that fell across her bedsheets shifted whenever Ame fidgeted. She cast her eyes away from them, pulling the sheets over her head. She was scared of the dark now. She didn’t know why - well, she had some idea - as...
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    Fanfiction ► After The Rain [KH1]

    I'm so magical, what with my late updates and such. --&&-- A few hours later - when Ame was leaning against the counter for support - Cid stormed through the door. “Ugh, finally..” she groaned, straightening herself. Ame practically dove over the counter and threw herself onto the lounge...
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    Fanfiction ► After The Rain [KH1]

    Ahoy hoy! Wait, I said that last time. Thankyou for the comment, DJ! <33 You're too kind~ Long chapter this time; I joined two. @_@ --&&-- “Rain.. ?” The waterfalls surrounding the castle flowed unerring. They had paused their current for a moment - only a moment - when the boy who lay in the...
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    Fanfiction ► After The Rain [KH1]

    AHOY! For those of you still following this; I had some computer complications. But I'm baaack~ The reference was Ame's "Hello? Hooray!". Aerith says that to Zack when he wakes up in her church x] Ame seems idiotic in this chapter to me. -facewall- -&&- “You sleep good?” Again, Cid was...
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    Help/Support ► I don't wanna wait~

    Elle's right ==' Comments like "You're stupid" are awful. People have different ways of dealing and while cutting sure isn't the healthiest outlet, comments like that aren't helping. Cutting isn't a good way of dealing. Talking to helplines or loved ones is. G'luck~ =w=
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    Who's Counting?

    A/N: This is a Oneshot, and will remain so. I wrote it for English class. All you really need to know to get it is that Amy = girl turning anorexic because of stress, Alex = her boyfriend who often has nightmares that cause him to injure himself in his sleep. (: Anything in " "s is the...
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    Fanfiction ► After The Rain [KH1]

    I fail at life xD Sorry that I forgot to update x] Spot the obvious Crisis Core reference and you win. err. A cookie~ :3 -- Concerned, Ame kicked at the boy’s ankle lightly. “Hello.. ?” No response. Ame leaned down, propping her hands on her knees. “Hellooo~ .. Geez.” She knew people...
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    Pronounciation: Xion?

    I'm going to call her Zion, it just sounds RIGHT to me. The way Axel said it sounded like "Shee-oom" more than "Shee-oon" o_o;
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    Fanfiction ► Blank Page [naminé-centric]

    You know how much I love this x3 I adore your writing style; and the concept of the fic is really nice and unique. I like how she sees Kairi and all that ^^ Very very good <33
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    Fanfiction ► After The Rain [KH1]

    This is my first time putting fanfiction on here, eheh. I have a fanfiction.net account, but thought I might as well put something here. <_< This story has my OC Ame in it :3 First time using an OC. The chapters are kind of short, but they get longer. I'll post a chapter every now and then. (...
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    I know the whole getting-on-his-knees-to-beg-Saix thing was a bit WTFy, but come on, he loves Kairi, he just wanted to be with her. I thought it was cute of him. I thought it was sad when he was crying over Riku <_< I expected it. He's been without him for like A FRIGGING YEAR or something with...
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    This. Also, when Ariel couldn't reach into that space between the rocks where the pendant was. WTFH WOMAN. She has hands! D: (I think Sora cried because he didn't know if Riku was okay or not the whole time; he knew Kairi was back at the islands/with HPO.)
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    Well hai there xD

    Ello! Hm. First impression would have to be these smilies on the side are very active. What's that, little sad smiley? You want me to use you? :3 TOO BAD. :B I have text smilies 8DD Oh, right. I'm Brittany (B for short if you'd like), I'm nearly 14 & .. well, I like KH. Alot. ;D It's my...