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    Vanitas Unmasked.

    I've just noticed something. Vanitas looks like Sora's anti-form, right? If you rearrange the letters of Vanitas, you can get Anti SAV. Sora, Aqua, Ven. Lol. Probably doesn't mean anything but I thought I'd point it out anyway. :D
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    high quality vanitas pics and hq xblade

    Re: high quality vanitas pics Wow, awesome. I hadn't seen these pics before cos the video with Vanitas in it isn't working for me. Totally unrelated, I can think of captions for each of those pics. Btw Vanitas is cooler than Sora. 8D
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    vanitas unmasked video-not credits

    Vid doesn't seem to be working for me... Maybe it's this crappy laptop. Because Sora has Ven's heart. I think.
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: Official 'Secret Ending' Thread Thanks. It's probably half wrong though. >.>; I reckon Riku will be travelling with Sora in the next game. No Kairi though. *thumbs up* XD
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    Ventus unmasked plus ven vs ventus unmasked pic *SPOILERS*

    Upload the pics to Imageshack or something, then copy the URL and put the IMG tags around them. They don't work with the file name. :/
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    QUESTIONS !! Someone please answer them... (SPOILERS) !!

    1. Uhh, what? When does that happen? 2. Because they're waiting to be saved by him. Or something like that.
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: Official 'Secret Ending' Thread That's my crappy translation that I posted on another thread. It's the bit with Riku, Sora and Kairi at the end of the secret ending, if anyone wants to get the idea of what they're saying. Anyway, Reconnect Kingdom Hearts. Does that mean reconnecting all...
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    Vanitas Unmasked.

    ...I see. Sort of. Gosh, so confusing. Btw, it's kinda funny how Vanitas's hair is spikey even though he's been wearing a helmet for so long. Lol.
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    Vanitas Unmasked.

    If he's Ven's darkness, why would he look like Sora? Even Sora doesn't look like that yet, because he's 5 or something in BBS.
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    Vanitas Unmasked.

    Yeah, so why does he look like Sora? Are you sure that pic's even real?
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    Vanitas Unmasked.

    Is that actually what he looks like? Or has that pic been photoshopped? o.o
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    [BBS]Dearly Beloved here

    This is probably the saddest version of Dearly Beloved, I would say.
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    Secret ending, perfect quality and WITH SOUND.

    Oh, that makes sense. So then, if he defeats Xehanort for good, does that mean KH will be finished? Cos all the other games have been about Xehanort in some shape or form.
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    Who is this?

    It's Ansem the Wise.
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    Secret ending, perfect quality and WITH SOUND.

    Aww, I thought the secret ending would be a preview of the next game. This is one of those times when I wish my Japanese was ALOT better. e_e Why is everyone waiting for Sora? Ugh, more questions. Dx Btw, I think this is what was said at the end. Riku: Sora. Sora: Riku! Riku: Are you going...
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    Mall Advertisement

    I like the 3rd ad the best. :3 But they're all cool. XD
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    How 'bout a Vampire Knight RP?

    I watched a VK fandub recently, and I started to think. A VK RP might be good, right? As for the story, I'm not sure yet. I was thinking that a collab effort would be great too. What do you peeps think? And would anyone be willing to help with the story and stuff? EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention...
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    Xigbars unnecessary censoring

    I hate censoring. By changing Xigbar's weapon, they basically changed who he is. I mean, a shotgun is his signature weapon, but they changed it into dual gun thingys. So stupid. What I also find dumb is the censoring of Axel's death. Do they really need to change stuff like that? =_=
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    Axel's tattoos

    http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/7895/ffviireno.jpg See those red lines I circled? Those are tattoos.
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    Axel's tattoos

    Why not? I said he was based on Reno, not that he looks exactly like him. Nomura himself said Axel's character design is similar to Reno's. Hence, the same hair colour and both have tattoos. I'm not saying that the tears having meaning isn't possible.