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    ***The Hichigo Shirosaki FC***

    *** The Hichigo Shirosaki FC*** One of my faveorite Hollows! Please join! Fan Clubs offical chibi pet.
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    Make your own Final Fantasy 7 character!

    Time to make a FF7 character! (it can be from any FF7 "game") (not from FF7 AC) Here is mine. Name:Lily Fair Weapon:sword,fists,magic Age:15, 20 Games:FF7, FF7 CC Bio: FF7 CC: Zack Fair's little sister. She joined at the same time he did but became a 1st before him. When Zack left Cloud with...
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    ***Miles "Tails" Prower FC***

    ***Miles "Tails" Prower Fanclub*** One of my fave of characters from the Sonic The Hedgehog games. (My othe faves are Shadow the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckels the Echidna, and Amy Rose) Hope u join! ^.^
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    ***Ichigo Kurosaki FC***

    ***Ichigo Kurosaki Fanclub*** The coolest Soul Reaper EVER!!!!!! One of my most favorite people from Bleach! ^.^ Hope u join!!!^.^ Owner Grimmjow6 Members 3keybladewielder Kon. FC offical pet.
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    ***Destiny Islands FC***

    ***Destiny Islands Fanclub*** 2nd best world (Best world FC is End of The World made by VirglTheart) One of my favorite worlds.(EoTW is the best^.^) Hope u join! ^.^
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    ***Organization 13 FC***

    ***Organization 13 Fanclub*** Organization 13 needs u. Donate your heart to the Organization and become a Nobody just like us.(LOL. Just a joke I made) Still, plese join! ^.^
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    ***Axel and Reno FC***

    ***Axel and Reno Fanclub*** One with Fire, one with Thunder. Both spiky redheads. Both from great games. One word that decribes them:AWESOME! ^.^ Hope u join! ^.^
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    ***Final Fantasy 7 FC***

    One of the best games Ever!!!!!!!!! ^.^ I love this game!!!!!!!
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    ***Threads of Fate***

    This is one of my most fave of games. I've only played the demo but this game is....THE BEST SQUARE-ENIX GAMES I'VE EVER PLAYED!!!!^.^
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    ***Grimmjow Fan Club***

    Ok. I'm one of the biggest Girmmjow fans out there so I wanted to start a fan club. I know there has to be more fans out there so post what u think about him here. Even post your own stories with him in it! ^.^ Owner Grimmjow6 Members VirgilTheart Xion_Z_Forgotten june Amata (chibi Grimmjow)