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  1. sora4sky

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Confirmed for North America & Europe!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX confirmed for North America and Europe! People rejoice! What everyone was waiting and especially the PAL regions since *coughRE:CoMcough* Dayum that fall release though! Oh well i was planning on getting the Jap ver too :P
  2. sora4sky

    News ► New Nomura Interview Incoming This Week!

    Sneaky Nomura-san is sneaky! Only laughing in full intereviews! :3 Playing KHFM with KH2 camera will feel so much better, trophies, adjustments to kh2 hud/control, HD. This collection MUST be bought. Hopefully we hear a ENG release date during Jump festa or i might even get the Jap ver just to...
  3. sora4sky

    News ► New Nomura Interview Incoming This Week!

    Nomura-san Y U NO LAUGH!!! D: Srsly though! Got me excited again! He pretty much confirmed HD Remix coming early in 2013 since its in final stages. So i expect a March release for Japan. He confirmed Snow for 13-3 lol and he said Versus is progressing and we could expect a follow up report...
  4. sora4sky

    News ► Tetsuya Nomura Interview + HD Screenshots!

    lol! here is a Q. Actually an assumption of short. Since it seems we are getting info here and there for the HD remix....is it possible that the games will come 2013 early? Like March for example
  5. sora4sky

    News ► Tetsuya Nomura Interview + HD Screenshots!

    Yep! This screenshots look glorious! the game looks ecaxtly how i imagined it would be in HD! So looking forward ot this! Also many thanks to our favorite Orange people :3 for always bringing us the scans, tanslations and latest news! :D
  6. sora4sky

    1.5 HD Remix Announcement Said To Apply To Japan Only By SE Rep

    Also something to add. If i remember right when they announced BBS they said the exact same thing and then they announced a West release.
  7. sora4sky

    News ► KH 1.5 ReMIX Trailer Released!

    Re: KH 1.5 ReMix Trailer Released! I seriously lol to that Jade. We are not even close. Also i don't care if its cropped or not. I know that i'm going to have on my ps3 collection 3 KH games. :P
  8. sora4sky

    News ► The World Ends With You Teaser Site Opens!

    This week is just too Zetta SLOW! Ugh waiting is killing me. we have this, we have other news waiting at a later date. Persona 4 arean is coming too....AAAAAAAAA too many games. It's going to be busy
  9. sora4sky

    News ► The World Ends With You Teaser Site Opens!

    Yosh, i guess this settles it even more! I need a 3DS like RIGHT NOW! So excited about this!
  10. sora4sky

    KH3D nominated for Best Role Playing Game of E3

    Well to me KH3D is a winner ;w; Man been sometime since i was around here. Feels good y'know?
  11. sora4sky

    KH3D E3 2012 Trailer Released!

    Dat Trai--wait...Nomuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xDxDxD Eh, it's still nice seeing it in English.
  12. sora4sky

    KH3D English Trailer Up!

    I think the Teacher needs another Teacher. I'm going to call Sham! :3 Also my thoughts on the trailer since i am always late lately... >_> Amazing! I like the voices and the translation seems to be close to the Jap. Hopefully i will have a chance to play 3D.(i don't have a 3DS dammit ;A;)
  13. sora4sky

    KH3D Ultimania Interviews + Famitsu Interview!

    Thanks a lot Ethy, Signy, goldy, sqexy! You are awesome! ;3 That was a really interesting interview! Also new catch phrases from Nomura! from now on we have "fastballs" and "curve balls" xD I don't believe i haven't played KH3D yet and i am really excited for the next announcement! Well that...
  14. sora4sky

    June 2012 GameInformer Nomura Interview!

    I am pretty sure Nomura-san said that the Osaka team is working on multiple projects right now? Please correct me if i'm wrong. IF Nomura-san is ready to go console again then i think Osaka's one project must be that.
  15. sora4sky

    June 2012 GameInformer Nomura Interview!

    Well there are hints towards KH3 and an HD collection. The best case scenario? We get an HD collection next year and the following year we go to KH3 stuff. Like announcements, news etc. Then again you never know. Situations change all the time so it's better not judge without waiting for actual...
  16. sora4sky

    Bilingual Artist Stephanie's Work on the KH3D Soundtrack

    Stephanie <3 nough said. Of course goldpanner <3 for the Translations. ;D
  17. sora4sky

    KH3D Appearing At E3 2012!

    Well to be expected. Can't imagine not having an english trailer, gameplay pods etc etc. As always looking forward to the awesome KHI team for the updates ;D
  18. sora4sky

    KH3D Demo Releasing in Japan on May 2nd!

    Yeah you right. Keeps game alive and in-talk. But you had to mention Type-0? T_T Now i'm thinking again when it'll come to the West. Sham i want to play it and understand it. ;A;
  19. sora4sky

    KH3D Demo Releasing in Japan on May 2nd!

    Why release a Japanese demo one month after the release of the actual game? xD I guess more people will get interested in it after playing it a little.(even though i doubt there is someone in Japan that doesn't know of KH.
  20. sora4sky

    Nomura and Shimomura Interview in Nintendo Dream!

    They don't?? My whole gaming life is a lie! D: