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  1. Athel

    TV ► Urbance

    (Just gonna leave this here.)
  2. Athel


    Blah, pun titles. Now that I'm getting comfortable with digital art, and uploading stuff online again, I figured I could share some of it here. These are 2/6 pieces in a series of Dungeons and Dragons portraits. Click the links for more info. I plan to go into my archives and post more...
  3. Athel

    Kingdom Hearts: X

    Japanese as a language is divided up into three subsets; one of these is katakana, a phonetic set of characters used for naming foreign words. So, "Kingdom Hearts" is a title of foreign origin, and thus is Japanese it is called "kingudamu hatsu". That's the closest they have to the specific...
  4. Athel

    It's My Birthday!

    So uh, yeah. I didn't know anybody else who'd make a thread for me, so I made this. That's right, I am now 5844 days old! In other words, sixteen. And in commemoration of this birthday, my parents bought me a toy car.
  5. Athel

    Help/Support ► Anonymous and 4chan

    I have a friend like that. Makes it hard to tolerate him sometimes. But yeah, I once had to explain 4chan to my father, and what people have said is the basics. 4chan is a website that epitomizes a lot of the aspects of the internet; people with keyboards and a lot of opinions. There are...
  6. Athel

    Spoilers Through Music

    Actually, not only does Vanitas' theme contain Sora's theme, but it also contains Roxas' theme in it. Or Ventus' theme, depending on how you look at it. And honestly, I heard Vanitas' theme, and originally though that the bit of Sora's theme was put in there just to show contrast; after all...
  7. Athel

    Guy With Two Blue Blades???

    It would be awesome if it was. I was really disappointed when Eraqus' "death" prevention was his heart joining Terra's. And its very possible for this cloaked boss; it looks like he fights with light, not darkness, and Eraqus was all about the light. There are other possibilities, but this is...
  8. Athel

    Gameplay with Voices [[ENG]]

    Huh. Well I can't really form an opinion because I've only heard grunting and "take that", I like whoever the got for Terra. Aqua sounds great, though maybe a little less feminine then I would have expected. Ven sounds like McCartney put in some more effort (Days' Roxas was really odd-sounding).
  9. Athel

    whats going on here? (Spoilers)

    It's supposed to be the inside of Terra's heart. How? First off, Terra is there. Obvious. But isn't Terra fighting Aqua? Ah, but that's Terranort. Xehanort is controlling Terra's body, and Terra's heart is suppressed, and appears in the inner heart area. The Guardian is there because its...
  10. Athel


    There are only 7 Oricalchum+s. To synthesize the Ultima Weapon, you have to use a Serenity Crystal, decreasing the necessary number of materials from 13 to 7.
  11. Athel

    A week's worth of art

    + 1 day. So, eight in total. I recently started doing a 'sketch of the day' challenge, and I'm up to eight (probably should have done it yesterday, to make it just a week). Point is, I did 'em. Pity that no one has been looking at 'em. So, posting them here is my backup plan. SotD 4-20 -...
  12. Athel

    Now with ghosts

    qJqQWzygzz8 CSI: Miami keeps getting worse and worse.
  13. Athel

    Another X

    Grass, if you're right about this, then we pretty much just got how Xehanort will return. All the bits and pieces of his fractured heart inside Terra, Xigbar, Saix and Riku may just all come seething back together into a relative whole. You need to stop figuring out the games before they come...
  14. Athel

    Some English BBS Screens

    'Fatal Mode' is now 'Critical Impact'? That's just stupid. Oh, and HELL YEAH.
  15. Athel

    Quick Question *Spoilers*

    My idea was that the LS was remnants of Eraqus' heart controlling Terra's armor. But I guess the emotion thing works too. And if that's true, it's funny that the battle music against (and as) the LS is Rage Awakened (Get it, rage being an emotion?).
  16. Athel

    Kingdom Hearts

    He's talking about making the Moon appear, not about actually opening it. He did that all with his orb of darkness thing. It's a good question. In KH2FM's Secret Ending, he made the orb out of his Keyblade. But in BBS, he just spawns it with his hand. It's a mystery.
  17. Athel

    Disney Town plot hole

    That...doesn't make any sense at all. Yeah, I think that's definitely a screw-up on the designers part. Couldn't even follow the timeline of visits. The same event happens at the same time in the character's stories with different outcomes. Trippy.
  18. Athel

    How does Vanitas really fit?

    Move to spoilers. 1. Yes, ASoD is Terra's Heartless and Xemnas is his Nobody. It's debatable which one of them was in control, however, Terra or MX. And, also, Ansem's experiments on the heart happened long before KH1, and thus ASoD was formed before as well. 2. Essentially, yes. 3. Vanitas...
  19. Athel

    Superbowl XLIV

    Has just begun. Enjoy the single biggest night of television of the year. (If this belongs more under Sports, feel free to move it.)
  20. Athel

    Fight at the Station of Awakening

    I had pretty much held this regarding the Dives. Only problem I ever had with it: During Sora's Dive, the Stations are of the Princesses of Heart. During Roxas', Sora takes the center stage, with Donald, Goofy, Riku and Kairi in the circles behind him. During Ven's, he seems himself. Why that...