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  1. ICECOOL113

    The Capes Removed! Hallelujah!

    Honestly, unless those capes came with like a "cape attack" move I don't really care for them to re-appear in 2.5 Remix.
  2. ICECOOL113

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? As I recently saw the latest trailer for KHIII it would be awesome to go to Mt. Olympus to face the titans (may be in a plot that connects the Final Fantasy characters from the previous games). Furthermore with other...
  3. ICECOOL113

    Something Kingdom Hearts on Prezi!

    OK so I was debating on putting this thread in the Series topic forum but then I was like "wait this has nothing to do with developments or questions about the series so I think this forum makes more sense" Well on to something more awesome! I was bored this morning and as I was looking through...
  4. ICECOOL113

    Optional Bosses for Kingdom Hearts: DDD

    I totally want Final Fantasy in this game!!!!!!!!!! but as for monsters I just say make them cool or make them fun to fight!
  5. ICECOOL113

    KH3D will be compatible with the 3DS Slide Pad

    This just makes my wallet scream "THIS IS EXPENSIVE" but like the crazy KH fan I am will buy it and some how find a way to do (maybe by selling my kidneys)
  6. ICECOOL113

    Birth by Sleep Turns a Year old

    LOL that was really really KH funny! There should be more videos like this to keep me happy waiting for more KH 3D news Buuuuut that echo thing got really annoying, like each word was repeated 3 times!
  7. ICECOOL113

    Xaldin's VA arrested

    Heh if it was over a girl then it would have to be in my mind Larxene since I imagined a pedophile relationship with Namine and Xion in terms of nobodies
  8. ICECOOL113

    Square-Enix TGS booth map.

    It is fun to see the teasing frenzy continue on I would like a confirmation but I'm just doubtful that it is going to arise from TGS
  9. ICECOOL113

    Xaldin's VA arrested

    He did not "stab" per say more like he strangled the guy with a wet towel
  10. ICECOOL113

    Square-Enix TGS booth map.

    I admit I meant to say FFXIII-2 so sorry about that and for BBS v.2 I'm just hoping for like a little bit of news on it's development or anything else. I'm not really looking for a confirmation yet
  11. ICECOOL113

    Square-Enix TGS booth map.

    hmmm...I am most intrigued by the "???" part of the SE booth I can't wait to hear more about KH3D, BBS v.2 and FF 13 part 2
  12. ICECOOL113

    TGS 2011 Floor Map Revealed

    With that map in my hands I can start to plan my route to SE! Kidding I'm not even going! But seriously I wonder about the other games SE and more importantly the FF series will be placed in that small-ish area (or am I just not proportionality correct)
  13. ICECOOL113

    Xaldin's VA arrested

    Ps-We also want to know who is going out with who in Org.13 and do you support the AxelxRoxas love fest?!
  14. ICECOOL113

    Xaldin's VA arrested

    OMG this is like pulling a Sora all over again (if those of you who remembered) Yeah who knew towels are the source of violence...He will never wipe the shame off his wet body LOL :3 On a more serious note I hope the other person is ok and that this will not replace his role in future KH...
  15. ICECOOL113

    New 3D info

    Famitsu is a more in depth magazine source. I mean there are faster new breaks magazines but Famitsu doesn't just release the news they go on and explain it too which is why sometimes they can be a little slow but they do have those moments where they are first! On a different note I want to...
  16. ICECOOL113

    KH3D TGS 2011 page.

    "Darkness becomes Light, -Of course this is Riku! Light falls into Darkness." -I'm not sure but I think this will be Sora seeing how he has so many sad memories inside of him. I cannot wait for more KH3D info at TGS!
  17. ICECOOL113

    New 3D info

    You know what I think it's about time SE realize that anything they put out into view, regardless of public or private, it going to be online anyway. If no one is going to take pictures or videos then we all know someone from that 80 will at least blog/interview/spread the news around. Nomura...
  18. ICECOOL113

    New 3D info

    Man I would do anything to be that 1 out of 80 to see it! But hey we know someone will bring a video camera to record it all
  19. ICECOOL113

    Does anyone remember the pre kh2 days ?

    I was looking at old posts I made a long time ago I remembered that before I joined KH Insider I looked at old KH2 threads and such. I remembered a thread about the first hate club ever created...just wished I knew what it was called
  20. ICECOOL113

    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: David Boreanaz's Leon vs. Doug Erholtz's Leon Oh god which one do I take?! Well I voted for David Boreanaz because to me it sounded more like him as a character but then again I loved Doug Erholtz in Dissidia also so I'm kinda stuck