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  1. Muramasa

    Fanfiction ► Black Lagoon Untitled (WARNING!!! MATURE CONTENT! NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!)

    Rock is an interesting fellow. Doesn't like guns, that's fascinating. Feels like there's a story behind it and looks like he has a relationship with Revy. Thanks for letting us know when you'll have updates, Mistearea. Looking forward to the next one.
  2. Muramasa

    Fanfiction ► Black Lagoon Untitled (WARNING!!! MATURE CONTENT! NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!)

    Nice, liking this story all ready. Especially Revy, the kind of woman who doesn't blink an eye when it comes to getting a job done. Just the kind of story I was looking for to read. I enjoyed reading this and look forward to your next update, Mistearea.
  3. Muramasa

    Epic Reborn

    In the Observatory Daniel sat back in his leather chair behind a desk, over looking the final installments to Epic Reborn while sipping his coffee. Before him, were a few workers seated around a circular desk, typing away on a monitor for bugs with a projected screen of the island dead center...
  4. Muramasa

    Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to hear your guy's opinions on this very question!

    Who do you think should make the first move, when it comes to liking a guy or girl? Like say a crush for example. Would you want them to tell you straight out or not? How do you go about telling a person you like them? Did it work for you or back fire? So discuss and try to take this...
  5. Muramasa

    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Renegades of Funk

    Finally got done reading this a second time, it was just that good. You did an incredible job writing this Lanydx, you definitely have your own writing style. I like how well it all came together with three different mash ups in the mix. Will there be a prequel or a sequel when this story...
  6. Muramasa

    Help/Support ► Er...i think i'm in love with a girl but worried about it..

    I don't know much about relationships myself, but I think you ought to tell her how you feel just a tiny bit. Not throw it all at her at once, but just enough to say you want to be more than friends? Might give ya some peace of mind afterwards, just letting it out instead of wondering what if's...
  7. Muramasa

    Epic Reborn

    The Government also known as High Rulers have watched the classes of Society clash against each other for a good fifty years. By hosting a game for each class to participate in. Giving players the chance to survive in this cruel world. This game they host is known as Epic Reborn. The Classes...
  8. Muramasa

    Fanfiction ► SPRING~ The World Ends With... [CHAPTER 3]

    What a twist this has become. Especially with Grey Ruffner. Felt a bit suspenseful when Matthew and Grey dove. Wonder how that's going to turn out later on, since they didn't make it in time. Looking forward to another update, Luap911.
  9. Muramasa

    Fanfiction ► SPRING~ The World Ends With... [CHAPTER 3]

    Re: SPRING~ The World Ends With... [CHAPTER 2] I almost overlooked the new update. Was excited when I realized you updated again! Darren Bounds an the other two players have my complete interest. The games composer, she sounds mysterious~ will you be updating again soon? Would like to read...
  10. Muramasa

    Fanfiction ► SPRING~ The World Ends With... [CHAPTER 3]

    Re: SPRING~ The World Ends With... [a TWEWY fanfic] I haven't played TWEWY, but this got my attention right away. The starting was great that I look forward to whats next. I agree with Gram on this one, the banner is awesome.
  11. Muramasa

    Fanfiction ► The Heroes of Light

    Not bad so far. I'm extremely curious to know what this story is about.
  12. Muramasa

    What do you Live for?

    Exactly as the question is stated above. What it is that each of you strive for in life? Before you grow old, weak, and died. What drives you on to live? What sense of purpose is their, that you wish to accomplish before its to late? To do the same routine each day. To set off in the world on...
  13. Muramasa

    New Famitsu Scan + Ending Info!

    What about mysterious figure? What chances of the new guy in the organization 13 cloak being him? Unless all of you really think its Xehanort or a younger version of himself.
  14. Muramasa

    Fanfiction ► Birth By Sleep: The Short and Honest Version

    This is quite hilarious. You should do more like this.