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    Wtf, Xemnas?

    Here's how it happened. -after the death of all of the other members- Xemnas: Haha! f*ckers. -steals weapons- Xemnas: Sora! Get ready to put up your f*cking dukes, b*tch!
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    It is sort of sad that Deep Jungle will never return

    Well yes, minigames are great...but there was no REAL vitality to the world. It's not like if it hadn't been there, the game would have collapsed.
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    Xigbars unnecessary censoring

    God...they're worse than 4kids.
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    The ~Aqua's Tits~ Fanclub!

    Aren't they marvelous? If you're not a faggot...and have a penis, you'll join. arabslol (Overused seductive Aladdin, ain't it grand?)
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    Voice Actors United

    -Side Note 1- Before I begin I would just like to say that I couldn't find a better place to put this, so if this is the wrong section, please move it to where it belongs. -Side Note 2- Please keep this as professional as possible, please do not start flaming, this is only for people who are...
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    Hey guys, since I'm staying ahead in my schoolwork...I'm very bored. So, I have been wanting to learn some coding languages and I was wondering if there were any websites that could help me learn. Thanks for all who help.
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    It Was An Accident (A novella)

    "Well, the lights were bright" I explained to my dad as he sat next to my hospital bed, gripping my hand tightly. "Everything was happening so fast, I lost control...the brakes wouldn't work, and my hands were shaking too much to keep them on the wheel" I continued to say, and my dad started to...
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    If They Were Playable...

    If Aqua were real, she would be like the ultimate-mega-hottie-who-kicks-so-much-ass-and-has-an-amazing-pair-of-chesticals.
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    If They Were Playable...

    Her fighting style is based solely on magic. So, that's pretty appealing to someone who has a preference to mage.
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    358/2 days honest opinion

    My thoughts exactly. The story was decent, and the graphics were standard DS...yet, everyone expected a game up to the standards of KH1 and 2.
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    If They Were Playable...

    Put your eyeballs back in your head and your tongue in your mouth.
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    If They Were Playable...

    They actually did good, they finally made a KH female with a decent chest.
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    If They Were Playable...

    I'd play as Aqua and try to position the camera in a way I could see up-skirt. :P
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    I agree. I think you're right.
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    Quick question, folks

    Before somebody says this is in the wrong section (which I hope they don't) the subtext under the word "announcements" did say "questions or comments about the forum" which I do have a question, two rather. First, is there a place in the Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2 section that is a thread...
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    Federal agency Web sites knocked out by massive, resilient cyber attack.

    Emergency.Blog : July 2009 Damn. (Sorry if there is already a thread for this)
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    Help/Support ► Medical Expert Help?

    Between 4- 6 bottles a day.
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    Help/Support ► Medical Expert Help?

    As bad as I feel, I might just need to take a trip to the doctor.
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    Help/Support ► Medical Expert Help?

    Well, yes. But I would like a little more compassion...not just "Yeah, nobody can do anything for you."
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    Help/Support ► Medical Expert Help?

    Highly doubt it, I don't think any of my symptoms are the same. (or at least very few)