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  1. Ehres

    Help/Support ► Transgender members

    Hi everyone, I am just wondering if there are any other trans members here. If you don't want to publicly out yourself that's cool, and please don't out anyone else unless you ask them beforehand. I never come here anymore but since I was last majorly active I've transitioned socially and I...
  2. Ehres

    TV ► Hemlock Grove

    Hemlock Grove is a horror/thriller genre Netflix Original series and boasts stars such as Famke Janssen and Bill Skarsgard (younger brother to Alexander Skarsgard). Synopsis from Wiki: "The series is set in the town of Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania. The town is a mixture of extreme wealth and...
  3. Ehres

    Where have you travelled?

    I just spent a month in the Golden Isles area of Georgia, US and it really sparked my appetite for travel. Coming back to England was such a downer and I definitely 100% would rather live there than here. The things I loved about my time there was just how friendly, caring and positive the...
  4. Ehres

    Make Her Hurt. | Short, descriptive piece. | Thoughts?

    This was originally a roleplay starter I began typing out for someone, but I do like it as its own piece -- even if it doesn't lead anywhere in this format. Note: I roleplay as Vergil from Devil May Cry with extended canon. The premise is that Vergil works for Abstergo Industries as a killer for...
  5. Ehres

    Help/Support ► Want tech help? Here's some information to provide us, so we don't have to ask.

    Question about Tor. Realised that I can use it to bypass Netflix's block in Italy so I can access my shows/films without having to rely on crappy streams. However, whenever I click on something it says I need to install Silverlight. Was sure I had Silverlight installed since I sometimes use...
  6. Ehres

    game of thrones live impressions

    finaleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gigantic spoiler warning so far theyre just retelling what happened last week
  7. Ehres

    TV ► Hannibal

    So, is anybody watching this? While the movie with Anthony Hopkins is based off the Silence of the Lambs book, the show draws from the book before that, Red Dragon (I think that's the name). Pretty damn good if I do say so myself. There's something so attractive and repulsive about Hannibal...
  8. Ehres

    Help/Support ► I often write posts and then don't post them.

    There is absolutely something wrong with it when it generates a constant feeling of self-worthlessness.
  9. Ehres

    Help/Support ► Should I be here?

    Okay, you really need to chill the eff out. It's Disney. Do you know who Disney is relevant to these days? Pre-teens and Disney employees. If you like something, that makes you a f'ing fan. Again, as I said, the mods are also members of this site. They come here for a reason just like you. Stop...
  10. Ehres

    Help/Support ► I often write posts and then don't post them.

    Here's some advice you can apply not only in the forums but in life on the whole: Get over it. Nobody cares. Say what you want and stop apologising for everything.
  11. Ehres

    ratchet mess

    whats gucci
  12. Ehres

    Help/Support ► Should I be here?

    I'm late on the bandwagon but, whatever, I want to give my two cents since two/three years ago I felt the same way you did and nowadays I really do not give a flying shit. Don't answer these following questions: Do you have rejection issues? Do you have an abandonment complex? It sounds like you...
  13. Ehres

    Help/Support ► No rights?

    I just don't think I'm a likeable person. I've always had issues with who I am and what I want -- moreso than most people -- and I think it comes from a wealth of feeling very misplaced in at every point in my life. I don't react well to loss or changes, and I panic. I overanalyse myself to try...
  14. Ehres

    Help/Support ► No rights?

    Haha, Internet forum therapy. I don't really like putting my issues out there but I've tried Googling this to see other people who feel like I do and there's only one result I found which was remotely accurate. Okay, so the issue is basically that I'm really very low in self-esteem. Don't get...
  15. Ehres


    and stuff. isnt there a thread for this? now i know y'all sayin that the icon things are for this purpose exactly but like idk what if you wanna find someone easily to see if they have xbl on a list and you cba searching or something? like what if i don't realise i want to add Solar on xbl but...
  16. Ehres

    My nephew is the cutest thing ON EARTH

    look at him LOOK vamctajPrxA *U*
  17. Ehres

    Reverting to Islam

    So for a while I've been checking out Judaism and whatnot and while some of you may feel that I'm jumping around concerning my faith, I think I am trying to find the right one. While Judaism offers a great basic outline for how to live a fruitful life, over the past two years I've come to...
  18. Ehres

    Help/Support ► Mental Health

    Yeah. My uncle is 33 years of age and he's had paranoid schizophrenia since birth. I've lived with it all my life. He went to boarding school, special college, etc. and even then lost 10 years of his life to hospital. I've seen him running in front of cars and pretending to kill people and...
  19. Ehres

    Help/Support ► I've Been Scammed -_-

    It will reflect badly on their credit record, for a start. So they're only hurting themselves in the long run with bouncing checks and whatnot. Do you have details for this person? I suppose you could message eBay or whatever service you used -- if not, then better luck next time. You have to...
  20. Ehres

    die hungrah gams

    ok so here is another poster i made i am not very creative but wtf i like 3d things ok thanks i am not sure about the font? initially i put 'may the odds be ever in your favour' at the top but i didn't want to chuck text everywhere