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  1. Pelafina

    One Decade

    For all that made it this far, 15 years. Shoutout to anyone that I knew, or knew me, all those years ago. Been on a nostalgic sad kick this evening, so I don't expect any replies. But I'm happy to know you all are still doing your thing still, fifteen years after we all met. Pleasant...
  2. Pelafina

    One Decade

    Hi there folks. Today marks ten years since I signed up for this wonderful place. I doubt most of you all remember me, and I haven't been active hardly at all for years and years, but once in a while it's nice to pop in and see what's going on. This forum and these people have been important...
  3. Pelafina

    My Great Life Experiment-

    My adventures after disappearing from this forum in the summer of 2010 are largely over, and have finally brought me somewhere with internet access. You may or may not remember me as reading a lot of books and confusing people with no understanding of sarcasm. I will answer questions or...
  4. Pelafina

    An Explanation of My Absence

    So to everyone that I talk to, and all of the discussions I used to be in a bit, I realize that in the last few months I have been almost completely gone from here. (and I decided, like everyone else, that I didn't like it. We always come back though.) It's just been a busy couple of months...
  5. Pelafina

    I'm Homeless!

    So today I got kicked out, and I have several places to stay, but for the next eight or so hours I am technically homeless. Tell me some neat things to do.
  6. Pelafina

    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    I didn't realize the date it was posted until afterward.
  7. Pelafina

    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    I doubt anyone will come along that's read it, and I haven't either, but I'll try to give you some technique at least. Symbolism is always an easy one. Think of something that could have been a symbol, and ask if it was, and how. Teachers love symbolism questions. If there were any loose ends...
  8. Pelafina


    do you ever find yourself fervently hating cops? is your closet full of illegal automatic firearms? are you frequently called a 'nigga' as a term of endearment by friends? if so, i have the music group for you! check out compton's own n.w.a. (short for 'niggaz with attitude'), where you're...
  9. Pelafina

    Help/Support ► To ask or not to ask?

    He already did it, and if that's all that this thread was for, I'm going to close it to prevent people from spamming it. Sorry about that whole deal though. Good luck in the future.
  10. Pelafina

    Lit ► Crime and Punishment

    I am in the middle of this novel right now, and it is honestly one of the most excellent things I've ever read. The characterization is excellent, the language is simple enough, but effective, philosophies and ideas are expressed subtlety but well, etc. I'll try not to praise it overly in here...
  11. Pelafina

    Lit ► On the Road

    Another novel that I've been trying to get a copy of for ages, and finally have. It was definitely worth the wait for it. I'm halfway through this as well, but I'm not unduly concerned about spoilers, so just don't give too much away. There are a few things that I really enjoy about this...
  12. Pelafina

    Talking Heads

    I have been on a Talking Heads listening spree lately, so I figured I'd remake this thread. Anyone else have anything to contribute?
  13. Pelafina

    The Graduate

    This is such an excellent movie, for a lot of different reasons. The cinematography is very well done, the plot is interesting, the choice of actors was very well done, and on top of all that, it characterized a generation. Also, it has Simon and Garfunkel for most of the music, which just makes...
  14. Pelafina

    Help/Support ► What do you do?

    That's kind of a weird thing to do, in my opinion. It might be cuter and more effective if you're younger, but once you're as old as OP, it's just not the same. I second the motion of just going for it and asking. It's not that big of a deal if you do get turned down, and at least you tried...
  15. Pelafina

    Net Neutrality

    U.S. court rules against FCC on Net neutrality - Security- msnbc.com On Tuesday, the court ruled against net neutrality, which means that broadband providers do not have to offer equal opportunity for internet traffic. I've done some reading on the issue, but I still don't have a set...
  16. Pelafina

    Help/Support ► Saxophonin'

    Youtube videos are probably one of the best tools for you, if you go through with it. I hear that it's a good idea to start with a clarinet as well. Maybe you should consider that before moving up to the saxophone.
  17. Pelafina

    Help/Support ► Being paranoid...or did I fuck up???

    It's definitely something that you have to take some action for. While the chance of pregnancy is small, the repercussions if you are wrong are huge. She should get a pill, however you have to. If you need to ask your parents, then ask your parents. Possibly ending up with a child or an...
  18. Pelafina

    Help/Support ► Being paranoid...or did I fuck up???

    There's a chance, yes, due to precum. Get a morning after pill, just in case. It's probably unnecessary, but a hell of a lot better than getting her pregnant.
  19. Pelafina

    Help/Support ► Push me

    Self-control is something that is going to be very, very important in your life. If you need people on an internet forum to motivate you do do schoolwork, you are going to have a rough time in life. Just do the work, that's the simplest and most effective method.
  20. Pelafina

    Help/Support ► I have a question about 13 colonies.

    Don't you have a history book you can find this in? That's probably the simplest way to get this information.