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  1. digital gopher

    Gaming Setup Thread 2011

    I had one of these eons ago, but I'm curious to see what everyone is playing on nowadays :D pics! Delete if lame. <3
  2. digital gopher

    Who else is going to PAX?

    Yay, pax. I just bought my ticket. :p let's do it to it, ladies.
  3. digital gopher

    And we're back!

    Sorry about that folks. A few little server errors never hurt anyone. Happy E3!
  4. digital gopher

    Dark Theme is ready

    And we're done. Aside from a few minor things, I think she's ready to go. Thanks everyone!
  5. digital gopher

    I'm going to Disneyland!

    Very excited. Very expensive. Wanted Vegas, but friends flaked. I'm going to give that Goofy the greatest hug he's ever seen. Carry on.
  6. digital gopher

    Oh hey

    what's the deal here? Quiet.....
  7. digital gopher

    Astro A40's

    Astro Gaming | Professional Gaming Equipment | A40 Audio System Anyone have them? I was going to get them today, but I stopped myself. Not sure if it's worth the money. I'll probably order them on Tuesday. :D
  8. digital gopher


    Please be thoughtful when leaving messages. Prayers and thoughts go out to all the families and friends of Microsoft employees Username | Gamertag Hillboy | DrHillboy Kid A | Garforge ROXAS_32 | ndokami whisperingspirit | DoomxDesire
  9. digital gopher

    Xbox Natal: Fall 2010; Iterative hardware, same software

    Interesting rumor flying out. Microsoft plans on releasing a new Xbox next Fall; named (presumably) the Xbox Natal. The 1up story reads like the usual rumor post. I'll throw in the interesting stuff. 'Xbox Natal" Project Natal will be sold as an accessory for Xbox 360's; come standard with...
  10. digital gopher

    About the recent downtime

    Nothing major. Just a server issue. Nothing to worry about. Carry on. dg
  11. digital gopher

    Just Boot Camped

    Windows sucks.
  12. digital gopher

    What do you want?

    If you could have anything added to KHI what would it be? Don't limit your ideas to forum specific ideas. If you could add anything to KHI what is it? I had a couple ideas floating in my head but, I can't do much with two things. And it doesn't help that I'm not an 'ideas' kind of person. A...
  13. digital gopher

    'Page Not Found' Error Fixed!*

    We think we found the problem. (Thanks, Ed) If you see any problems, please PM me. Thanks dg.
  14. digital gopher

    Developer needed

    Hey everyone! Long story short, we're looking for someone who knows the following: HTML XHTML CSS JavaScript PHP MySQL Do you know the ins and outs of all these languages? Perfect! You're the person we're looking for. Do you know two or three of those languages? That's good too! Post...
  15. digital gopher

    Darker Style

    Hey, So I have the new skin up.. It's not done.. I just want everyone's opinion on the colors and whatnot. Or, color suggestions. :) Before I finish all the images with colors people hate I want to make sure you all like it. Again: I know there are a lot of misplaced images, wrong colors and...
  16. digital gopher

    ATTN: Platinum Members

    Stop abusing your negative-rep privileges, or they'll be taken away.
  17. digital gopher

    New Style!

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you a quick look at what the new khi style will look like! http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/7972/picture5b.png http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/8025/picture3xbk.png Later tonight I'll make it available for a select few people that will help out with getting...
  18. digital gopher


    KHIxp (logo on the way soon) First and foremost, I'd like to introduce you all to the latest addition to KHI. It's name is (temporarily ) KHIxp. I know a lot of you have questions and concerns with our new friend and I hope that this little guide will answer all of them for you. So without...
  19. digital gopher

    Update: Points, Levels, and more!

    Hey, everyone! So you may (or may not) have noticed some users have these interesting little bars in their user information. We're testing it out right now, so it's only limited to the Staff and Platinum members. This is a new thing we're working on. Platinum members, if you do not have it...
  20. digital gopher

    Random Update Thread: July 4, 2009

    If there's an update on the forums, they'll be posted here :) Keep an eye out for a date change in the thread title to see if there was an update recently! 03 / 03 / 200 - SOTW added to Blaq v2 Skin - Gender Icons have been added (Remember to update your Gender in your Profile!) 03 / 04 /...