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  1. pwninator

    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    Definently Larxene, she's just irritating. Lexeaus was really tough and I feel the Marluxia battles weren't really as annoying as they were just challenging.
  2. pwninator

    Fanfiction ► Fate of A Hero: The Prequel to "The Road to Dawn"

    Re: Fate of A Hero Really like the way you write, the genre is not my favorite but I enjoy your work. Well done.
  3. pwninator

    Fanfiction ► Broken Ties

    Nice, I really like the way you are using the theme of KH. Its different and creative, looking forward to next chapter.
  4. pwninator

    The Land of Oil and Sand

    Its been a while since I've written, let me know what you think. This is a bit of lyrical poetry I've wanted to do for a while, its a little contraversial but thats my point. Bitter vengeful hatred runs through your veins Endless like the sand that all around you everyday. They say we are...
  5. pwninator

    I'm Back Baby!

    Some of you may remember me for my big mouth but I'm trying to quiet down now. Its been about a year or a little longer since I've been active on this forum. Tryin to get back into it with RPs and fanfiction.
  6. pwninator

    *Open Challenge*

    This is an open challenge, I'm looking for a good fight and someone who will post frequently. Rules Normal, No godmoding, no powerplaying ect.. Location http://www.pinktentacle.com/images/neo_ruins_2.jpg My Template Name: Ghost Class: Ninja Age: Unknown Appearence...
  7. pwninator

    No Gears of War Expansion for 360?

    It was recently annouced that the best selling Xbox 360 game Gears of War was making its way to the PC. It was also said that Epic had added a new boss fight and other new features to the game on the PC. Sadly it looks like there will be no expansion pack release on the 360 and the features will...
  8. pwninator

    ~Open Challenge~

    This is an open challenge, I'm looking for a good fight and someone who will post frequently. Rules Normal, No godmoding, no powerplaying ect.. Location http://www.wallpaperbase.com/wallpapers/movie/finalfantasy/final_fantasy_7.jpg My Template Name: Ghost Class: Ninja Age: Unknown...
  9. pwninator

    Marcus Fenix vs. Master Chief

    This is as you all can assume a battle between two of the most glorified characters from xbox 360's two most prominent games. Gears of War and Halo, well then lets get started.
  10. pwninator

    Blade/Gun Fight Anyone? (Open Challenge)

    This is an Open Challenge Melee Battles hosted by the one and only Pwninator, any takers? Rules No godmoding No powerplaying This fight indeed allows the use of guns, but please be sensible with their use. Finally, have fun Judges 1 2 3 Location The location is within the city of...
  11. pwninator

    Blade/Gun Fight Anyone? (Open Challenge)

    My computer accidently posted this twice, can a mod please close this one, thank you.
  12. pwninator

    I thought this game was pretty cool

    It is a great game, that is why they are recreating it on the ps2 platform.
  13. pwninator

    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    My least favourite character in COM is probably either Namine or Axel. Namine tends to just make things worse, while Axel is continuously messing everything up. The combination of the two make for quite a bit of aggravation.
  14. pwninator

    Fanfiction ► The Heart of the Omitted

    Thank you both for your positive feedback on the Fan Fiction. It was my first so there is only room for improvement.
  15. pwninator

    Fanfiction ► The Heart of the Omitted

    This Fan Fiction is one in a series of chronological theories and ideas colaborated into a tale of a boy named Gwilym. I hope you enjoy it, constructive criticism is appreciated, please do not hesitate to speak you mind, thank you. The Heart of the Omitted Chapter 1 "Do not let your heart...
  16. pwninator

    A Battle of Epic Proportions

    The Mages of Legend Chronicles This is a challenge to Master-Sephiroth. *Judges* 1. Lord of Chaos 2. Wolfy 3. Desert Jesus *Rules* Normal Rules NO GODMODING NO POWER PLAYING ETC... *Location* The battle shall take place in the realm of Titanus. *My Character* Name: Eros Age: N/A Race...
  17. pwninator


    I this is a challenge to that of my advisary RAIDEN The Epic Judges 1.)Silent One 2.)<.Yondaime.> 3.)MASTER-SEPHIROTH This battle shall comence entirely of swords weapons etc. (Melee Battle, no magic or powers) Conditions This is a one on one battle between Raiden and I. There shall be...
  18. pwninator

    Which Boss Are you Most Looking Forward To?

    The one battle I am truly looking forward to is that of the Marluxia battles, they were my favourites in the original COM, and I doubt I will be dissapointed from what I have seen from RE:COM. I also hope to enjoy Zexion's battle in that it seems to be very unique and intrgueing. Finally I...
  19. pwninator

    Axel vs. Sephiroth

    I was wondering who the majority of the people on this site would prefer in a battle Sephiroth(Final Fantasy VII) or Axel(Kingdom Hearts II). Both of which wield fire and commonly debated, begin.
  20. pwninator

    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    I find this alligation of marluxia's sexuality based off of his hair color to be completely rediculous. Let's think about its shall we, if marluxia's hair were pink would people be calling him gay, i think not. If anyone were to be acting gay in the organization it would have to be either demyx...