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  1. 13Rox

    Least favorite character at Castle Oblivion?

    my least favorite would have to be Larxene or maybe Vexen, because they both creep me out and I have way to may Larxene's at my high school. Vexen because...he haunts my nightmares sometimes. I mean the laugh....who isn't a little creeped by his laugh?
  2. 13Rox

    Favorite Organization 13 Member??

    I really do love the whole Organization except for maybe Xemnas Or Saix
  3. 13Rox

    Favorite Organization 13 Member??

    naturally Roxas, Axel and Xion. but I feel like the other members are so diverse in attitudes and behaviors that they each should have gotten more character build and screen time, but thats coming from me and I am in love with Organization 13. I like Demyx too because he just seems to innocent...
  4. 13Rox

    When Sora wakes Ventus...

    okay so someone talked on a fan page about this and i was wondering what you guys think. So when Ventus gets his heart back from Sora, will Sora even still be able to wield a keyblade since "he was never supposed to have one" and was "just the delivery boy" Like Riku said in KH1 in Hallow...
  5. 13Rox

    I feel dumb but....I'm stuck

    omg thank you guys sooo much! haha I dont know what I would have done. That is literally the only place I did not check.
  6. 13Rox

    I feel dumb but....I'm stuck

    I don't remember what day it was, but its the mission where you and Luxord go to Wonderland and track down the Pink...uh Heartless. You ave to find 5 of them but I can only find four. I have seriously used up 5 hours of my time looking for it and I can't find it. Anyone know where the hell that...
  7. 13Rox

    Fanfiction ► November is Kingdom Hearts Month

    http://forums.khinsider.com/fanfiction/181892-because-you-live-kingdom-hearts-reader-insert.html Yeah I know It's not done....but I thought I would post it anyway...I will probably be working on it a lot now...so yeah :)
  8. 13Rox

    Fanfiction ► Because You Live: Kingdom Hearts (reader insert)

    I have been wondering around the tower trying to find good places to just be alone while I try and sort things out. But I can't find one someone doesn't already know about or goes to. Someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn to see Roxas. "Wanna train so you know HOW to use it?" he asked. I...
  9. 13Rox

    Fanfiction ► Because You Live: Kingdom Hearts (reader insert)

    "Master Yen Sid. Im ready." the moment i say those words, i have a sense of deja vu. "Then let your test, begin." ------------------------- I wake up in a dark room. "and she has finally woken up. The one who will lead us to the dark princess." a creepy voice says. I spin around and around...
  10. 13Rox

    Fanfiction ► Because You Live: Kingdom Hearts (reader insert)

    Alright I have a problem. Sorry If you thought this is a chapter...its not. I got grounded and all my internet privileges are taken away. -.- so there wont be any new chapters for a while because this site is blocked at school too. :( sorry! But I will update a lot when I get my internet back to...
  11. 13Rox

    Fanfiction ► Because You Live: Kingdom Hearts (reader insert)

    i am a HUGE fan of Roxas. haha thanks for reading it :D Guess you will just have to wait and find out things then huh? haha I wont tell any secrets yet
  12. 13Rox

    Fanfiction ► Because You Live: Kingdom Hearts (reader insert)

    Chapter 16: "What about Yuffie!? Is she going to be okay? What happened to her and the Islands? What's going on!" Ven sighs and gives me a sad look. "I'm so sorry Y/n. I don't know what happened to Yuffie, but I know what happened to the Islands. It's been taken over by heartless. But since...
  13. 13Rox

    Who fixes Ventus' heart in the beginning of his story?

    Re: Who fixes Ventus's Heart in the beginning of his story? thanks I feel less confused now :D
  14. 13Rox

    Who fixes Ventus' heart in the beginning of his story?

    In the beginning of his Story Ven goes to his heart and it is broken. Someone's voice is there and fixes it for him. I have always wondered who the voice was, and if they are the same voice that lead Roxas and Sora through the Dive to the Heart and the Station of Awakening. So who was it?
  15. 13Rox

    I don't know about you but this makes me rage...

    In the other games doesnt anyone else hate it when Donald or Goofy heals you at the same time you heal yourself so you happen to completely run out of potions. It always made me rage. I really hope the same problem doesnt follow me to Kingdom Hearts 3. It has been haunting me since the beginning.
  16. 13Rox

    Could Sora and the gang get Armor?

    In BBS Ven, Terra, and Aqua have Armor. They went through like a post keybalde war. So does that mean with the new coming Keybalde War Sora and the others will get Armor like in BBS? I think it would be really cool. Like Sora's could be this clothes colors, Riku's could be black and white and...
  17. 13Rox

    So you think Ventus will wake up?

    At the end of Dream Drop Distance Sora visits Traverse Town to see the dream eaters and when Sora was happy Ven smiled all the way over in Castle Oblivion. (Or at least thats where I think he is...) Either way I was thinking that maybe Ven is regaining consciousness. So wouldnt it be cool if...
  18. 13Rox

    Is Ventus the mysterious voice?

    I think that the voice was Ven's. I mean its called "dive to the heart" and since sora was the keeper of Ven's heart it was his voice. Then when they got split into two people Roxas took Ven with him so Roxas got Ven as a guide like Sora did.
  19. 13Rox

    Regarding Sora and Riku's parents

    omg yes. It seems so legit
  20. 13Rox

    Fanfiction ► Because You Live: Kingdom Hearts (reader insert)

    Thank you! :D I will fix the errors and take your advice on waiting for other people to R&R.