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  1. MelodicEnigma

    News ► KH Character Files: Short Stories - Terra, Ventus & Aqua

    Interestingly enough, Kanemaki isn't just credited for the novels specifically, but also the Editing/Writing for the book in general, amongst others. As for the canonicity of the novelizations (and these short stories), I believe there are a lot of ways someone can approach an understanding of...
  2. MelodicEnigma

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Megathread - Intergrade, Rebirth, Reunion and more

    Spockanort and Chaser are throwing me off with the twinsies avatars lol Anyway, I don't think it's too big of a deal for the game to be split up like this. I guess. It's only with prior knowledge of a complete story does it seem weird, but maybe this first game will be told so well that the...
  3. MelodicEnigma

    (SPOILERS) Union X: Source of the Abnormality

    That first scene is so in-depth and all, but I'm too distracted by that lucky emblem lol
  4. MelodicEnigma

    News ► Wreck-It Ralph confirmed as the new Disney world coming to Kingdom Hearts Union X!

    If I see "Aerith Lives" somewhere on a wall I'll be very happy lol
  5. MelodicEnigma

    News ► Gamereactor interviews Yasue on KH3's Critical Mode, process of integrating Disney into series

    I feel like I'm still getting used to this way of things of how games strive to improve their products after distribution. But at the very least, at least these updates are free.
  6. MelodicEnigma

    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    Where did I say it can't be seen as the conclusion of anything? Don't twist my words man. KH3 is the conclusion of the Xehanort plot line specifically, this does not mean that it is the conclusion of the bonds between the characters—this being significant of the characters having more story...
  7. MelodicEnigma

    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    Your expectation of KH3 being the moment of climactic, romantic confirmation is the basis of your argument—which I have proven isn't reflective on what is still currently integrated between the specified relationship. If Sora and his friends journey was never meant to be concluded in the...
  8. MelodicEnigma

    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    If actions that are, in nature, shared between the spectrum of romance and platonic are given meaning then by those who perform them, then there’s nothing left to discuss here. The meaning is set by the context, which in this particular case, is the aspect of what has been established as the...
  9. MelodicEnigma

    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    I definitely do not agree that Sora alone not initiating certain contact is the sign that those feelings aren't there. They simultaneously reach out for each other when they reunite in the ethereal space (as well as simultaneously lingering with one of their hands), they are both willing holding...
  10. MelodicEnigma

    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    If this is meant to suggest that romance is not an accompanying factor of the representation of Sora and Kairi's relationship, this isn't entirely correct. For Sora and Kairi, there are many things that could be inferred here from the meaning of his confusion-whether by the sudden, off-guard...
  11. MelodicEnigma

    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    Your statements don't represent what I said at all, so I'm not sure why you're saying what you are here. But, i'll try to address it as much as I can. In regards to romantic subtext, this specification is set by the context. If it is not specified to be exclusice to romantic ideals in the...
  12. MelodicEnigma

    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    Again, the context is what defines the subtext and gives it meaning. Any situation that has subtext abides by this to explain how it is being utilized. Nothing I have said has negated this, but i'll bite. If romantic subtext is presented to a pair of people in the context, this is still...
  13. MelodicEnigma

    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    That "example" of romantic subtext between Sora and Riku is not something that is integrated within the game, rather, the meaning of romance there is being applied by your own perspective of romance specifically. Your application there is literally the reason why this conversation is happening...
  14. MelodicEnigma

    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    Interesting. Firstly, fancy? Secondly, I have to ask, are you aware of how romantic subtext works in storytelling? I want to hear your answer on how this is defined in functionality and meaning within the context before moving forward past this post. Thirdly, other than the sexuality bit...
  15. MelodicEnigma

    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    Are we not considering the fact that actions themselves retain a meaning by the contextual use, rather than to the action itself? Someone showing an emotional response for another, whether this by crying, holding hands, hugging, etc—these specific actions aren't, in nature, designated...
  16. MelodicEnigma

    Should some characters be benched going forward?

    Yep yep. I wouldn't be surprised if we'd have parallel groups dealing with these things separately, perhaps to come together once again when the narratives truly line up. It'd be a good way to keep a balanced relevance between all parties (and, maybe this'll make character agency easier for...
  17. MelodicEnigma


    I got you. Though, if we’re corresponding the weight of a story’s value to the interrelationship between the messages conveyed by character agency and thematic execution, KH3 still serves a purpose for these characters that ultimately fulfills that correlation. If understanding that from...