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    Fanfiction ► My little KH fic

    *throws a cake at my mouth* yum CONTINUE!!! pwease? Don't just leave it off here. YOU MUST NOT OR ELSE I WILL GET YOU AT THE CAMPFIRE! You'll see. *draws a diagram of Billy... *
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    Fanfiction ► Things KH Characters Would Never Say!!!! REBORN!!!

    Where do you get all these stfu pictures? Do you make them yourself or what? Fine, I'll do one to um.... The One He Fears too... Riku: I love you, The One He Fears. The One He Fears: What the..? I love RikKu! not Riku! Ew... Rikku: Really? I LOVE YOU TOO, The One He Fears! Cloud_Unchained is...
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    Mulan 2 & KH2

    Dear God.. no Mulan 2... It's probably just about Mulan getting married to the soldier dude, then some bad Chinese guys attack and they fight. ¬_¬. Sounds like a good movie to be in a game. ¬_¬ Mulan 1 would be sooooooo much better! That movie was actually a good one.
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    Fanfiction ► Things KH Characters Would Never Say!!!! REBORN!!!

    haha... I can't resist this one. Sorry, obbsessed-with-videogame-character-kiddos Kairi: Cloud_Unchained, Rikku told me that she loves you.
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    The Coolest Heartless Ever Is...

    My favorite Heartless is: Shadows, Air Pirates, those blimp things in Atlantica, and Wizards... I like the "small fry" as Leon referred to them more than the bosses...
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    Fanfiction ► My little KH fic

    Inuyasha is a dog man thinger.. anyways. I like it! I thought it was well written. I don't think it's yaoi; they're just good friends, jeex. [yes, jeeX] If you're going to be a living stereotype, then you could have said only girls, Asains, Christains,ect would like it too. That's the same...
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    Create-A-World 4.0

    Create-A-World Okay, due to the glitch that deleted all the posts, Create-A-World was gone too. So, I'm restarting the fourth one. Before you all explode, (ahem, rude girl. You know who you are. ¬_¬) the previous Create-A-Worlds were deleted BY ACCIDENT. The first one was deleted because of a...
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    What world would you like to live

    100 acre woods! Now Heartless! Yay for Tranquility.
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    Fanfiction ► The Special Promise

    Oooh... I like it. Very well done. Kudos for you :)
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    What happened to Pluto?

    Maybe he fell in love with a Heartless, and then they broke up when the game ended... That's why he came back :) Maybe thye'll say in KH2, there's gotta be a reason he just vanished after on scene. Then, he suddenly comes back in time for the very end? Don't think so... OH, maybe a secret afair...