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  1. KHpanda

    Aqua on Proud/Criticle Mode

    In my opinion i would say Aqua was the easiest out of the three.Even in proud she was the last character I used and I didnt have a problem switching styles of fight at all.I would say Terra's was the hardest but that could have been because he was the first one i tried.
  2. KHpanda

    The secret boss could be....

    If thats the case with the unversed,then that explains why we don't see them in the other games in the series. Thats true heck we will probably have to kill him again in RE:Coded and maybe KH:3D.
  3. KHpanda

    The secret boss could be....

    Most people are thinking that this secret boss is a nobody of Master Xehanort,Terra or both but how about we think of whats new in bbs.The two main new beings are the unversed and the sentiments.So how about the secret boss being a unversed?I'm not sure how they are made yet,so its still a...
  4. KHpanda

    Birth By Sleep Guide Book Scans (Spoilers)

    Re: Birth By Sleep Guide Book Scans (SPoilers) In the end we won't really know what exactly is the deal with fighting the MS,like do our lvls and items get carried over to the other save file until the game is released and we try it.
  5. KHpanda

    Multiplayer!! Who will you choose?!

    I'll probably go in using the character i'm most comfortable in the story and then change it up when it gets boring with that same character.
  6. KHpanda


    If this game is getting this kind of hype and publicity then the sales for the game are going to be be amazing like the others.
  7. KHpanda

    ONE FREAKIN WEEK!!!!!!!!

    I got nothing to distract me from bbs u guys r lucky and my school starts the day after bbs comes out all i know is that im taking that to school playing it in homeroom and lunch.After the teachers introduce themselves they better give us free time.
  8. KHpanda

    BBS Preperation!!

    Already pre-ordered it,already got the official theme KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep | SQUARE ENIX and last but not least im leaving my charger in my psp.
  9. KHpanda

    Critical Mode!

    Going to play proud mode first with each character,then critical mode with each character and finally the lvl 1 critical mode with my best character Thats the best experience