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  1. Gaebora

    Clear up Maleficent for me

    So the way i interpreted the scene of her and Darkness was: since maleficent wanted the tome before in Coded, she was inside its data here. Because in KH3 she began looking for the box which she wouldnt know about until she read the tome. Now some have said this is directly after KH1 because...
  2. Gaebora

    Anyone else disappointed with BH6?

    Im kinda upset. The game is beautiful in so many aspects, every world unique and vibrant whereas BH6.... is just gray and dull. The movie was so color popping throughout its runtime. Too much focus on other worlds? Stuck with an early build of that world? Whats your opinion?
  3. Gaebora

    What Eraqus gonna do?

    So aside from possible prologue gameplay, anything else? Xehanort said that he felt Eraqus in Terra when he took him over. It would be kinda worthless to resurrect an old man, but do you think theyd go so far to use his prescence in the heart? Maybe for returning terra to light?
  4. Gaebora

    Sora’s Castle?

    So im playing kh1 again. On the slide show in Deep Jungle, a picture of a castle comes up and Sora says, “this looks so familiar. I dont know why, ive never been off the island.” Is there a reason for this outaide of Ventus? Or is the writing team so hardcore they had a full story setup...
  5. Gaebora

    Will Sora become a true hero?

    Time and again Phil and Hercules keep telling Sora Donald and Goofy that they still don’t have what it takes to be heroes. All three of them have put their lives on the line to save many worlds several times. I just replayed kingdom hearts one and Hercules tells them ‘the only way you can...
  6. Gaebora

    Agrabah confirmed?

    Personally Kh2 Agrabah was better, but ive grown pretty tired of it. Its in every darn tooting game, the same story, GAAHHH— Though im sure it WOULD look better with crowds inhabiting it instead of maybe 4 people? Aaaaanyways, Donald says in Coded, “I can’t wait to see Jasmin and...
  7. Gaebora

    Will Lea save Isa?

    I think it's a hope we all have. Constantly they bickered like "youve changed", "no youve changed". But I was reading the Secret Reports and on Day 51 Saix says something surprisingly sweet. "The Replica Program continues apace, but something has gone wrong at Castle Oblivion. The Dusks...
  8. Gaebora


    Every final boss we’ve fought is a Xehanort...... except for Xion. (0.2 doesnt count though you could say the greatest fight was against Aqua) Do you think its likely at all? Its been brought out that the Dark Organization really wants Roxas back. Maybe if Sora did they could convince him by...
  9. Gaebora

    Who were in the Twilight Town pods?

    Now, Ill be honest and say i havent played it very recently, but if my memory is correct we still dont know who were in those pods in Twilight Town KH2. Do we? Because there was Sora’s big one, then Donald and Goofy’s but in the corner were pods that were used. Any ideas, or is it to string...
  10. Gaebora


    So remember how Naminé has really odd powers that are almost inexplicable? Naminé has the power to rewrite Sora’s memories and alter events related to him but only because Kairi’s heart was in him. What if the Master, who can predict the future and arrange events, put his heart within the...
  11. Gaebora


    First off i know theories suck because there is so much written but thank you so much for reading this please enjoy it. I really think its the effect of everything. Kingdom Hearts is by definition, the heart of all worlds and “the collecting place of hearts” (368 days). In KHUX we...
  12. Gaebora

    Looking for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Platinum Speedruns

    So I've found enough of Bl00dyBizkit's 1.5 run for it, but i checked him along with Bizkit047 and couldn't find a bbs fm/2.5 run. At least I need one with English dialogue to make sure of setups. Those japanese menus are hard, I have no idea how 047 knows.
  13. Gaebora

    Pegasus Clan(?) in Twilight Town

    K thanks. Just thought it was a neat extra. Can't wait to finish my replays and start chi some day~
  14. Gaebora

    Pegasus Clan(?) in Twilight Town

    Heya folks, so I haven't played chi. At all. No laptop. :(. But I just started on kh2 final mix, and I noticed a lot of the horned Pegasus stuff throughout the twilight town mansion. Like A LOT. Seeing that I haven't played chi, can yall tell me what's up? Ps: I don't remember if the broken...
  15. Gaebora

    Where are Larxene, Xaldin, Demyx and Marluxia??

    Hey there people, not new to the site, but new to signing up, I wanted to ask a few questions in eager anticipation of KH3. As you can see by the title, one of those questions is Where are these four? Even Even and Ienzo were reborn as people along with Aeleus. (I hadn't seen/noticed any of...