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    keyblades+memories+Xehanort =???

    Hey guys I was reading some of Nomura's interviews and came upon something that i cant get out of my head, in one of his interviews he said now what could this mean? I have seen a lot of theories and people say that Xehanort lost his memories when MX and terra fuse together or something but it...
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    BBS TGS Trailer?

    dude the trailer will come out when it comes out. can someone closed this? theres alot of threads like this around and its stupid to make more.... of course unless you like reading people crying about the trailer....
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    Famitsu Interview Tai Yasue

    the interview is new. you might have read it on heartstation or you are confusing this one for the nomura interview that came out a while ago.
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    Famitsu Interview Tai Yasue

    no prob :D .
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    Famitsu Article October 2 2009 + KINGDOM HEARTS PIANO COLLECTIONS Vol. 2 track

    ‘Birth by Sleep’ is an action RPG in which Terra, Ventus and Aqua run about in Disney worlds. In-battle the ‘command style’ changes, and so, the system is one in which the technique and action changes sharply. This time will be about confirming the second level of this command style...
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    Famitsu Interview Tai Yasue

    We asked this and that about multiplayer! –We’re wondering, what kind of playing style were you aiming to have in multiplayer? Tai Yasue (hereby referred to as Yasue): We had all sorts of aims; working with friends to defeat enemies, competing, growing together, getting commands and items...
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    Who is Xehanort?

    he did do it but we dont know what cause him to do so or how long he is able to do it for
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    Who is Xehanort?

    i know but theres no proof that he can do it full time
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    Who is Xehanort?

    i see then who could be Xehanort? if terra is xehanort then can you please explain how he turn his eyes yellow,change his hair color and so on? :dizzy:
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    Xehanort=Terra's Unversed?

    we dont know how unversed are made other then negative emotions so i cant this seriously... and theres no proof a unversed can make a nobody or heartless. we dont even know if an unversed is human like and have a heart.
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    Who is Xehanort?

    we dont know how unversed are made other then negative emotions so no u might be wrong
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    Who is Xehanort?

    but ummm doesnt BBS take place 10 years back? that would mean by the time in kh1 he would be around 25-27? also its funny that DS and riku have the same fighting stance....
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    who could this be ?????

    coded .
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    TAV Master Color

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    Kinhgom hearts 3 Graphics?

    Hey guys i was wondering since the kingdom hearts3 has a better chance of being in PS3 i was wondering how would you like Square Enix to make the graphics? should they stay the same? or should they make them closer to this? The ps3 has better graphics and i would like them to make the game...
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    new scans

    Neverland .
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    Have you ever noticed...

    hey dude chill.its only a game deep dive was only a trailer so people could know alittle about KH2 but they try to make it alittle darker and add rain to it to make it look cool. now instead of acting like a jackass with people go take a chill pill. i mean kingdom hearts 2 trailer was a little...
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    keyblade change

    indeed :D thank you for the nice comment....and not hating....
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    keyblade change

    hey guys in the new scan you can see terra's keyblade change. i just wanted to point it out hehehehe please dont hate....
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    Famitsu Pictures based on Nomura Interview + Summons Pics

    in this picture you can see stitch behind ven in a blue spaceship