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    Aqua's Scenario

    Ah, okay then. Thanks for clearing that up.
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    Aqua's Scenario

    So I guess, by saying the whole "just meeting Sora" thing, that Ansem didn't survive, and that Aqua is still alone right now?
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    [Spoilers] Birth By Sleep Heavily Influenced by Star Wars

    Yup. OP is completely unoriginal.
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    Terra or Xehanort? Who was in control?....

    This man speaks the truth.
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    Opinions on TAV

    I kind of anticipated what would happen with Terra, and Ven 's story was interesting, but Aqua's was by far the most interesting and amazing yet tragic story out of three. I did not suspect her to have such an extremely important role in KH history, because you know Nomura and his female...
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    who is stronger? mx or vanitas?

    Technically anyone with an overpowered awesome X-blade would be amazing, if you think about it. :D
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    Who should be Sora's master? Ventus or Aqua?

    You insult me, and then say that we should stop an argument? Great idea, bro. Thats the perfect way to end such a thing. And then you go on using my words against me, making yourself look like a fool. Storywise, the LS is around, storywise, Sora didnt fight the LS. Sora was in the Dark Realm...
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    Who should be Sora's master? Ventus or Aqua?

    You make me laugh, you really do. Canon doesnt mean its possible, it just means storywise it didnt happen. Storywise, the LS battle didnt happen. Im not saying Terra isnt the LS, which I find ridiculous for you to get out of what I said, Im just saying that the fight between Sora and the LS was...
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    Who should be Sora's master? Ventus or Aqua?

    Well then I cant really say anything to that. Maybe he was just trying to get back at him for not promoting him to that rank? I was comparing the same concept, not regarding personal power or anything of that like, but okay, sure. Say Ven was fighting Eraqus instead, and Terra was the helpless...
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    Who should be Sora's master? Ventus or Aqua?

    I was just making a point by saying anyone in their right mind could call themselves a keyblade master and have someone agree with them just to cheer them up, as well. I never once meant that Kairi ever said that; she was just part of the comparison here. But yes, I dont remember him calling...
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    Who should be Sora's master? Ventus or Aqua?

    The LS battle isnt canon, and three keyblade masters in one? What are you even talking about?
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    Who should be Sora's master? Ventus or Aqua?

    And? Kairi could come along calling herself a keyblade master for swinging the keyblade around for a bit in KH2 and Sora could cheer her up and agree too, but that doesnt make her a master like that.
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    Who should be Sora's master? Ventus or Aqua?

    First things first, Keyblade Master is a title with only one real benefit from getting that status: being able to move your heart through bodies, etc. It is a title that is earned through a Master Qualification Exam. Sora never took one, so he isnt one. That doesnt mean he is less powerful than...
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    You just see her reach there and meet Ansem one year after KH2 (13 years in the darkness). She wasnt there when Sora and Riku came. And whoever said she died cant tell time...
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    Sooo, I think I Figured out how everything connects together, WARNING LONG POST IS LONG!!

    This, and that the destiny keyblade was the one given to Terranort on his way out of the RoD. Also, its the one you see in Xemnas's room place along with her armor, so you never know.
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    Aqua and Sora

    What he said, and what everyone else in this thread has said, really.
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    I think people are giving Ven a greater role than he has....

    Come to think of it, I don't exactly know if Ven is kind of like Kairi, but I can definitely see parallels between Riku/Terra and Sora/Aqua. They both spar, they both are great friends, they both would do anything for each other, and they both are about evenly matched. Riku just seems to be a...
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    I think people are giving Ven a greater role than he has....

    This is very, very true. (252525)
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    Master Xehanort's Reports Roughly Translated (Spoilers A-Plenty)

    Re: Master Xehanort's Letters Roughly Translated (Spoilers A-Plenty) So MX has decently good ideas, but totally is all radical about it and does bad stuff to make good stuff happen in the future. I'm thinking Neutral Evil here, but I could be wrong, obviously.
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    And I thought Axel's story was sad enough...[big spoilers]

    And through it all she stays hopeful and strong. What a hero!