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    Vanitas is Xehanort?

    It's true that Sora would be unnecessary if they could use the keyblade, but I did say that they can't remember that they can use the keyblade.
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    My Ven/Roxas Theory

    This seems possible since It's implied that Ven is losing his memories. Maybe somebody salvaged them and gave them to Sora.
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    [bbs] aqua+xemnas theory

    This sounds a bit farfetched, even ignoring the timeline. Xemnas has never shown that he has the ability to reincarnate people and why would Aqua think of going to him for help anyway?
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    Vanitas is Xehanort?

    Like this has never been done before....... Anyway, this isn't gonna be a theory, but more like support for the theory. If Van is Xehanort, it could be because he lost his memories in that secret movie battle (somehow) and could only remember the name of his master. Some people have said, "If...
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    If he were good, I don't think he'd fight Aqua, have an evil laugh, and join MX in battle against the protagonists.
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    Can Terra Control Unverse?

    How could they get Terra and Vanitas confused?
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    something i noticed about the jump 2010 trailer and the bbs secret movie...

    Maybe some ideas were changed. The trailer was conceptual after all.
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    Braig always has darkness in him

    Judging by his eye color I'd say it's definitely possible for Braig to already have dark powers.
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    Lea & Isa

    Well, yellow eyes represent descent into or submission to darkness, so I would think that something happened where he gave into darkness. It may have something to do with the scar he gets.......
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    Vanitas could be...

    Vanitas is vanitas and vanitas is emptines. The answer is simple: he is the embodiment of emptiness with nothing in him.
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    Do TAV

    They just wanna look like super heroes.
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    Riku's a wuss

    If you think about, Riku never killed any of the orqanization XIII though he did fight 4 of them. 1. Vexen- got data and left= killed by Axel 2. Lexaeus- beat Riku's ass and got stabbed by possesed Riku= killed by Ansem SoD 3. Zexion- ran away from the fight after being injured, but not...
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    New BBS Video Leaves Me With Questions!

    If Roxas is Ven's nobody, then who is Sora's nobody?
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    Some keyblade stuff

    Just a few thoughts that came into my head recently. Throughout the Kingdom Hearts series we've seen many keyblades and there have been some situations where the keyblade just wants to confuse you. Firstly, when Sora is first gaiven the ability to use drive forms he goes into Valor form...
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    Terra is Xehanort (Xemnas)

    I've heard enough of these "Terra = Xehanort" theories. I say we all just wait for the game to come out and stop speculating.
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    "Why did he choose you?"

    This is a quote from Roxas when he fought Sora in the World That Never Was. I'll keep this short- 1. Who is "he"? and 2. How could Roxas know who "he" is since he could only remember memories of being a nobody? Comment, theorize, speculate, criticize.
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    Pods for sleeping

    I'm thinkin' that you all know about the pods that Donald, Goofy, and Sora slept in for somethin' like a year. Well I was playing through the KH2 prologue and I decided to examine the pods those 3 weren't in and it said things like "This has been used before" and "It's been awhile since this was...
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    Namine's drawings

    In The White Room in the mansion in KH2 there are Namines drawings. These include drawings of destiny islands, hollow bastion's castle, sora sleeping, etc., but there is one that stands out and I don't get. The picture of Roxas and Axel facing two people - one wearing some green and yellow...
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    Organization XIII powers

    All the org. members have powers and mastery of a weapon, but what I don't get is how they acquired these abilities. Did they get them when they were whole, did they learn as nobodies, or is it just so they meke for interesting boss fights. Any ideas?
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    Who DS really is *SPOILERS*

    It's possible, but my money's still on Saix's somebody.