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    New HQ Screenshots!

    I can read a little bit of Japanese, and while this may be completely unhelpful, I can read that in the scan with Ven and the guy in black, one of them is saying something along the lines of, and bear with me I'm missing a few words here because I cant read Kanji or Katakana, but there's...
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    BBS storylines

    I think it would be much more interesting to play as, and would be something unexpected, if they made the third story the DS's story. I mean, how boring would it be to play the same story three different ways? Adding Mickey or Aqua would just be replaying Terra and Ven's as a different person...
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    Does Scar have a nobody?

    Agreed. But yes, he would have a Nobody because he was a Heartless. It would probably just be a Dusk though, probably not very important.
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    BBS: Clues in Wardrobe

    A gun :laugh: JK It's more than likely Terra, since he's in another scan in the same environment.
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    BBS: Clues in Wardrobe

    Although the shadow may not be too too important, it is fairly important that Ven's possilby on Destiny Islands.
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    BBS: Clues in Wardrobe

    I want to know more about what he means by "erase me" Does he mean like, kill him? or erase him like he's a computer program? :blink:
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    Yes. It was supposed to be symbolic relationships to Sora, Riku, and King Mickey to Terra, Ven, and Aqua. Oh, and that first trailer was all concept, so it pretty much isn't cannon.
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    BBS: Clues in Wardrobe

    Whoever it is... it looks like they are wearing an Organization outfit.
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    BBS: Clues in Wardrobe

    It's Terra: Search - Kingdom Hearts Insider Same beach. As for the boobs, that's out the window. The male org memebers look like they have boobs, it's a trick of the shadow in the picture, and Nomura's sadistic pleasure is to keep us wondering who that shadow belongs to. The wristband is...
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    Old BbS Scan Translated to English

    I didn't think so either, I just thought I'd throw that out there.
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    Quick BBS Thought.....

    In one way, this theory makes a lot of sense, yes maybe Xehanort went to sleep and woke up a different person, but... I'm pretty sure when Axel was saying that, it was to warn Sora in a way. He didn't want Marluxia and the others to overthrow the Organization, which he would do if Sora were to...
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    Old BbS Scan Translated to English

    Great job! I have a question though: Terra kept saying stuff about a "friend" well in the new FM+ video didn't Xemnas say "Hello friend" to the armor in the HB basement? Does this stengthen the whole Terra=Xehanort/Xemnas thing?
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    Your Reaction

    Hey people. I'm doing a paper for my Critical Thinking class and it's about Maleficent. For a part of the assignment I have to show "Audience Reaction" to her character in the game and I was wondering if y'all could help me with it. If you could just say what you thought of Maleficent when you...
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    whats the point of the cave of rememberance

    Yeah, the opening to the cave is in the area where you get Gull Wing, and the ending is on the trail leading up to that point, behind the blasted out part.
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    whats the point of the cave of rememberance

    Pretty much the CoR is just a way for Sora to "remember" his adventure in CoM and the Org members that he and Riku defeated, I think. At the end of the whole thing is an area that largely resembles CO. There's also a circular room at the VERY end where all the data battles are.
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    Crown Quest

    ^The crowns are just a bonus feature to the game, like the Trinities in KH1. I just added Port Royal. Land of Dragons, Olymus, and Pride Lands will be on later today.
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    Crown Quest

    There are.... restrictions that Youtube has, and I needed to speed up the vids so that I could meet those restrictions. Sorry :)
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    Crown Quest

    Hey everyone. I've been workin hard to get these up and I'll have more soon, but if anyone is having trouble with the crown quests in FM+, I've got a ton of videos showing exactly where they are and how to get them the easiest way IMO. I'll have more up soon. For now: 100 Acre Wood: YouTube -...
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    Who else hopes for a Maleficent boss fight in BBS and in KH3?

    The Maleficent fight in KH1 was awsome, but I don't think she was hard enough. I mean, come on, Phillip had to throw a magic fused sword through her heart to kill her on the movie. In KH3, Maleficent better be way harder, and a crapload funner. I do agree with SeaSalt though, if we fight her in...
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    Is Namine really the Nobody?

    Secret Ansem Report 9 Namine was a witch who controlled the memories of others. Most likely these powers were achieved through a special process when she was born. Namine is a Nobody, created when a young girl's heart left her body. Yet she has no corresponding Heartless. This is because...